What is Sacred Space and How Do You Achieve It?

Michelle Mann
Michelle Mann
Michelle Mann
Michelle Mann

Hi, my name is Michelle and I have been in and around the real estate world since 1985. I have worked in the title, mortgage/lending, building and fixing up homes, to helping families with buying and selling their homes. I loved each aspect of this world but helping families find where they were going to call home filled a piece of my soul like none of the others. Calling somewhere home is sacred. It’s our safe place, where we build families and deepen connections. Home is the one place we are meant to fully be ourselves and birth to life all our deepest dreams.

Finding Your Sacred Space

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Finding a home can bring up all the scariest parts of ourselves and create all of the deepest fears within us to come to the surface, especially if it’s our first home. So the first thing you need is a dynamite real estate team to help navigate the process by offering you the container to answer all your questions and provide the truth about the process of purchasing a home. You need a team who actually takes the time to really listen to what is important to you. Lucky for you I just happen to know one 😉 – Tony Ray Baker real estate team. If you want the best real estate agents Tucson has to offer, it’s them.

In all my years of being in the real estate world finding a team that actually listens is a must-have at the beginning of creating sacred space and a vital part as it’s the foundation that all is built upon. Listening isn’t just with ears and words it’s also by being able to read the energy of the person or family you’re serving. I can’t tell you how many times families would say we don’t want this or we want that but after a couple of homes, you realize that isn’t what lights their soul up when they enter the home at all. So the first step to building a sacred home is having the space light you up just by thinking about it and then building upon that like when you drive into the neighborhood your energy heightens as you get closer to the place you call home.

What Do You Want

Once you have found your perfect home and you have been handed the keys it’s time to claim your space from the place of love and all that makes your soul dance and laugh. I always recommend to my clients to decide what do you want to accomplish in this home? What’s the dream you see in it? Get clear about how you feel or see things being. Dream big! The second thing to consider is just as you want your home to be physically clean when you first step foot in it you also want the energy around and within to feel fresh and new too.

Sweetgrass braids for sacred cleansing
Sweetgrass braids for sacred cleansing

More Than Clean

Another recommendation is just as you want the property to be physically clean when you take ownership you also want the space to be energetically clean as well. Since everything is the energy you want to start from a clean environment and not mix past histories with your new one from an energetic standpoint. So I always encourage before you start moving all your stuff in to clean the space of the old energy and invite the new energy of your dreams and your family to now taking space in this place you will be calling home. You can use traditional tools such as sage, cedar, and sweetgrass.  Also, there are palo santo, essential oils, or sea salt. Lastly don’t forget about music and prayer. Honestly pure gratitude for this amazing space works as well.

Sacred Chakra CleansingThere really is no right or wrong necessarily. It’s all about the intention of what you would like to create. Many of the tools I have suggested are very sacred medicine and change the energy purely on their own. Please know though your clear and direct heart can create a sacred space all on its own too. So again there is no right or wrong choice as it’s your sacred space to create as you choose. The only offer I would give is that the more in alignment to your sovereignty in your choice you have the more joy you can instill and create in your new home.


Once in the home, the fun can begin… If you’re starting from nothing to already owning everything you need there are many ways to create and arrange a space that feels sacred, joyful, and filled with love. As Feng Shu is a beautiful practice many find it challenging to understand. So if creating from the Feng shu energy is too complicated you can choose a simpler approach. What are you wanting to accomplish in your new space? Do you have a family? Are you hoping to start one, are you single, are you planning on not being single anymore? Do you have pets?

This is just the beginning of creating a sacred space within your home. Personal things, colors, natural living pieces, water, fire, animals, etc …. all play a part in this creation.

So remember so within so without. Let’s get clear on what sacred means to you. Begin building a place you feel safe, comfortable, and totally ok just being in to completely rejuvenate yourself every day.

Love and blessings!💙
Michelle is also one of the Faces of Tucson!