Turning Dreams Into Reality: How We Sold Susan’s Home for $80K More in Tucson

Virtually staged living room of Holmes residence, Tucson AZ, achieving top sale price with RE/MAX
Innovative virtual staging transforms the Holmes living room into Tucson's top-selling interior.

Susan, a widowed retiree, had a simple dream – to live closer to her children and grandchildren in Denver, Colorado. However, her dream was hindered by a seemingly insurmountable problem. She had bought her current home at the peak of the market just a year ago, and it hadn’t appreciated much since. With all her funds tied up in the home’s equity, she was facing the prospect of having to pay out of pocket to close the sale, something she simply couldn’t afford.

The problem only grew as Susan struggled to maintain the pool and yard, both of which needed significant work to fetch a top price on the market. Without the funds or the help to address these issues, Susan felt trapped in a home that was becoming more of a burden than a blessing.

That’s when I was introduced to Susan, referred by a top RE/MAX agent in Denver who was ready to help her purchase her new home. I knew I had to step in and help Susan navigate this challenging situation. I began by conducting thorough research, which revealed that homes in Susan’s area were being underpriced by inexperienced real estate agents. It was very clear that they were not using the appraisal method for pricing, but rather using the online algorythms like zestimints and others. After calculating the home value just like the appraiser would, I was confident that I could help.

I explained to Susan the importance of presenting her home in a “move-in ready” condition to attract more buyers. To help her achieve this, I hired our trusted pool company, landscapers, and maids to prepare the home, arranging for them to be paid at the close of escrow. Once the home was cleaned, staged, and repaired, I virtually staged the home and implemented an extensive marketing plan to create an auction effect. I also hired a top photographer and videographer to create stunning photos, videos, a 360-degree walkthrough, and a floor plan.

The result was nothing short of a miracle. Within the first 48 hours, the home had several showings and multiple offers. It sold for $80,000 more than what Susan had paid just a year ago. The home appraised, and Susan got all her money back and more. She was able to purchase a new home near her family, paying in cash.

The joy in Susan’s eyes as she held the keys to her new home was a sight to behold. The scent of fresh paint and new beginnings filled the air as she stepped into her new home, a place where she could create new memories with her family. The sound of her grandchildren’s laughter echoed through the halls, a testament to the happy outcome of a journey that started with a seemingly impossible dream.