Summer Heat: How to Survive Right Here in Tucson

Honestly, finding something to do in the summer heat in-between hugging your air conditioner and gulping down gallons water can be quite challenging. So Darren and I have come up with some great ways to deal with the summer heat for you guys.

Utilize Your Mornings for Summer Heat Activities or Adventures

We definitely don’t recommend to waste your summer mornings or weekends sleeping in. By the time you wake up, it will be too hot to enjoy most anything outdoors.

Get up early, enjoy the morning temperatures, and if you need extra sleep, take an afternoon siesta. By then, hopefully you’ll have had some kind of productive day or some kind of adventure.

A Pool is Never a Bad Idea. 

Not everyone has the luxury of having a sparkling pool sitting in their backyards. However, there are plenty of public pools around that work just as great.

One example for you guys; The Catalina Pool. Which is located just north of Catalina High School. The public pool has depths of 4 ft to 13.5 ft and costs just $2 for one lovely day of fun in the sun. Just be sure to wear ALL the sunscreen.

Day trip to Mt Lemmon?

Uhh, yes please! Temperatures are way cooler on top of the mountain. Escape that Tucson heat and get some exercise in with a great hike, or maybe a delicious cookie from The Cookie Cabin!

Hopefully, this info can help you guys stay cool in Tucson’s summer heat!

Have a great day,

Tony Ray
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