We unfortunately got stuck in one of these bad boys. Darren and I were on our way back from learning to list our clients listings better from a 5 day social media marketing class. We typically don’t have Haboobs in Tucson, but they do affect the surrounding areas.

So it is important to understand what they are, when they occur and what to do in case you find yourself staring at an incoming storm.

What are Haboobs?

Violent sandstorms, also known as Haboobs, typically originate in Tucson. They can build up to be 50 miles wide in some areas. The dust clouds, like the one seen on July 5th 2011, reached heights of 10,000 feet and above before arriving in Phoenix.

Sandstorms are a common meteorological phenomenon in Arizona. Locals and researchers say that the storm of July 5th was unusually intense. The size of the storm, and the amount of dust it picked up, were extremely unusual. Ah, Mother Nature!

When Do Haboobs Occur?

The Washington Post wrote, “The July 5th Haboob was produced by the downdrafts of a collapsing thunderstorm complex generated by the Southwest monsoons,”.

So definitely expect to see these types of storms while we are in the middle of monsoon season.

What To Do If Caught in the Middle of a Haboob

Like Darren and I have said before with monsoons. Pull over! Your visibility will suck, so find a nice little spot and just park it and wait. It is better to be safe than sorry. Check your emails, play a game on your phone, catch up on some text messaging. When your visibility comes back and you deem it safe to drive, then you can be on your merry way to your destination.

Have a great day,

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