Flash Flooding can Kill: Please Stay Safe During Monsoon Season

During a Tucson monsoon, Darren and I dealt with some small flash flooding in downtown. It is a nail biting experience and I can assure you that I’ve eaten my fair share.

Flash Flooding

On a more serious note, 9 family members recently lost their lives to a flash flood. The family was celebrating a birthday while seeking refuge from the summer heat. There was no time for escape. The unavoidable surge of churning water, blackened by cinders from a recent wildfire, and tumbling tree trunks sealed their fate.

Be Sure to Stay Out of the Washes!

On Sunday, 17 people became trapped during a flash flood. This prompted a large-scale rescue operation. Here is a brief 30 second video of that rescue attempt.

If caught in a monsoon. Please use common sense, keep your eyes peeled, or perhaps just stay home and go on a Netflix binge.

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