What you should do if caught in a Monsoon Storm

Hey, it’s Darrin and Tony Ray. This is a monsoon storm middle of July and we’re driving, we’re safe, in a parking lot. We want to show you how hard it is to see ahead of you in the storm and when this storm hits you, it will probably last maybe a half hour.

It’s better to pull over, stop the car, play a game on your phone, catch up with some text messaging, I don’t know, but it’s not worth driving. You can see we don’t have visibility at all right now ahead of us.

Visibility, Eww!

I don’t even know, how many feet would you say that is, Darren? Maybe about a hundred, maybe a hundred feet and we lose visibility. We’re on a street at the Mercado and there is no traffic here. You can see how hard it is to see out here with the window wipers.

Here comes a car and you can see how hard it is for just to even know these guys are coming at you. The other thing is the streets here really don’t have drainage like in some major cities, especially in the east, so the water has a tendency to puddle and pool on the

streets and just run off naturally and so it’s really kind of disorienting. If you’re driving along and somebody else is driving very fast and they spray the water all over your vehicle, it can really impair your visibility for a few seconds. If you’re not really sure what’s going on, it’s totally disorienting.

There’s the light-rail coming right now and it’s, I don’t know, maybe it is a hundred feet ahead of us. But you can see it flashing, but you can see how hard it is to see anything beyond that light-rail.

Now, I’m looking down to the Mercado from where the new Caterpiller building is going to be and you can’t see the stop light up there. That’s only, how far do you think that is, Darren? Probably a hundred and fifty yards. Yeah, it’s not far.

Pull over!

This is a walking sidewalk here and you can’t even see the stoplight and the vehicles, that’s Congress right there, isn’t that crazy? So to end this, just the moral to this story is; pullover, which is what we’re doing now… pull over, find a nice little spot and just park it and wait.

You can see, there’s mountains behind that black car there and you can not see the mountain range. You can’t see any buildings except the Senior Center which is white.

So we’re pulled over and you should pull over too if you get caught in a monsoon storm, be safe, pull over, don’t go into any street that’s got water crossing it cause you don’t know how deep it is.

Arizona Stupid Motorist Law

The “stupid-motorist law” is a law in the Arizona that states that any motorist who becomes stranded after driving around barricades to enter a flooded stretch of roadway may be charged for the cost of their rescue.

If Emergency Services have to be called to rescue you and tow out your vehicle, the costs associated with the rescue can be billed to the driver with additional liability of up to $2000 in
addition to the cost of Emergency Services.

If you ever find yourself in trouble, immediately dial 911

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