Los Olivos – Darren Interviews Quetzacoatl Lora

Darren Jones: Hi, I’m Darren Jones with the Tony Ray Baker group. And this morning I’m here with Quetzacoatl Lora, and we are at Los Olivas. And, if you haven’t tried this then you’re in for a treat because just past the Mercado, before you get to Grande on the north side of the street, there’s a place that everybody is flocking to and the main reason is the foods. So Quetzal good morning.

Quetzacoatle Lora: Good morning.

Darren: It’s thank you. I have a couple of questions. I just kind of wonder how did you get into this Italian, pizza type of affair?

Quetzal: Well, since I got here in the United States, I was cultivated by European food and Italian is one of them. French as well. But, you know, I decided to open up more Pizzeria which was the only thing that I could afford at the moment. Yeah.

Darren: Well, I’m just kind of happy about it because, you know, for me any kind of pizza or especially the strombolis and these types of the, it’s all about the crust. And your crust is just amazing! But this is a really a, it’s a real surprise for this place to be here. So about how long have you been here?

Quetzal: We’ve been here approximately six years. Six years, we started 2013.

Darren: Now, did you start out at this location?

Quetzal: Yeah, yeah. Well, I’d you say at the, at the same time I used to own a small dress power place like next door to here.

Darren: Okay.

Quetzal: And that’s where I started for owning my own business. And then, this one was the second one. I sold the other one, I just kept this one.

Darren: Okay, so now, what would be your favorite dish or what is your most popular dish here?

Quetzal: Our popular pizza I’ll say is the Los Olivos Pizza which is one of them that is ordered the most. Has a fresh artichoke. heart, green olives, fresh Roma tomatoes, and top it with fresh basil.

Darren: That sounds amazing. That’s amazing! And so what is your favorite?

Quetzal: That’s one of my favorites and the Margarita. I’m a simple guy with just one topping. Just like, you said it before. I like to taste the crust, I like to taste the cheese. And I think when you put a lot of toppings it’s is overwhelmed. So I’m a little simple but that’s me.

Darren: And that is very European to have a few very good ingredients that really stand on their own instead of just being overpowering.

Quetzal: Yeah.

Darren: Yeah. So that’s fantastic. Now, where did, how did you get into culinary interests and start cooking?

Quetzal: Well, since I came to the US, my first job was it was a dishwasher, washing at a restaurant. And, you know, watching all the shifts working in the kitchen. I started at a hotel and it was French. So just the technique that they were developing with those dishes it was, which is for me, which is amazing. So I say I’m going to learn and I’m going to own my own restaurant, one day. And here I am.

Darren: And here you are. And again, we’re very glad. So tell everybody, please, where do they find you? And if they wanted to order takeout, how would they do that?

Quetzal: We’re here at 937 West Congress Street. And They can order through GrubHub or Door Dash. Also, we have a simple menu.com is another company that they promote our business.

Darren: That’s fantastic. And I highly recommend that you do. So thank you again for working with us today and taking your time. And everybody, please please come down because you’ll be happy, you did.