Green Retro Bike Against Granite Wall in Tucson, Arizona
Park Your Bike in a Top 10 Cycling City

Tucson is on the the 50 Best Bike Cities

According to an article published by, ranks Tucson #23 Best Bike Cities in the US. Tucson boasts hundreds of miles of single-striped bike lanes and paved paths, including the 100-mile Loop trail network that connects the city.

Located just 30 minutes from almost anywhere in town, you can drive up to Mount Lemon where the temperatures stays about 20 degrees cooler to ride the 27 mile climb. You can bike the trail anytime but on Saturday mornings hundreds of cyclists gather for the city’s infamous Shootout ride.

We Love Tucson because of the Superior Cycling Events

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Tucson Features Bike Lanes Prominently Throughout the City

Tucson is jam-packed year-round with selections of cycling events. Sprinkled across the city, there are over 45 Bike Fest Events that emerge during the month of April. These events include; Tuesday Night Bike Ride, Bike in Camp Out, GABA Bike Swap Meet, El Grupo Youth Cycling’s Bicycle Scavenger Hunt, Bike-In Movies, Free Bike Maintenance Course, and much more.

These contests, activities, discounts, races, and classes are arranged by the Living Streets Alliance, with attempts towards a healthier community using urban transportation through outreach, education and awareness.

As the rest of the country begins preparing for winter weather, Tucson is enjoying its sunny 75 degree weather. It is no wonder that Tucson is known as the Winter Training Capital. Only in Tucson, AZ will you find America’s Largest Perimeter Bicycling Event, the Saturday just before Thanksgiving.

El Tour de Tucson

El Tour de Tucson is definitely another reason that Tucson is on the list for best bike cities. For the past 33 years, El Tour de Tucson Cycling Event has grabbed the attention of many cyclists, generally bringing in 9,000 bikers of all different ages and abilities. El Tour de Tucson has countless competition and astonishing ambiance, placing it among the Top 10 Awesome Fall Bike Rides in the US.

The event routes take you throughout the gold-level streets of Tucson up into the surrounding mountain ranges. Don’t forget to attend the after-party Fiesta downtown where you can sit down, snack and celebrate your performance.

The perfect way to end each year is with the Parade of Lights. Here, you can join Santa as he rides his bicycle sleigh and wish all the kids a Merry Christmas. For the grandest decorated bicycles that pedal through town, they will receive prizes at the end of the parade.  With a never-ending list of events, programs, trails, challenges and trips for all strains and styles of biking, Tucson is home to all the bikers experiencing true bliss.

Bike Friendly Cities In the USA

Green Retro Bike Parked Against Granite Wall
Tucson, #1 City for Everyday Biking

Tucson is one of the highest ranked bike friendly cities in the US. It has received numerous awards. Below are some of Tucson’s bike friendly accolades to date.

Tucson is one of the Top 10 Cycling Cities in US, Travel Channel declared. “This desert oasis has more bicycle infrastructure than any other city in the US, boasting more than 700m miles of designated bike ways.”

“Cycling is one of the easiest and lowest-cost ways to exercise and it’s a low-cost way to commute,”  said BetterDoctor’s. They ranked Tucson #7 in the Most Bike Friendly Cities.

The League of American Bicyclists awarded the UofA a gold-level Bicycle Friendly University. The UofA has created an inviting urban transportation experience, especially across primary college pathways.


We Love Tucson's Bike Friendly Communities and Commuting Cyclists
Tucson #2 Top 10 Most Bike-able Downtown’s.

Tucson accommodates a range of riders every day with bicycle boulevards. These roadways are  comfortable, more functional route options for cyclists to travel safely through town. Tucson has also proposed a city code with bicycle parking requirements. It is to no surprise that Redfin ranked Tucson #2 among the Top 10 Most Bike-able Downtown’s.

Tucson was recently announced the #1 City for Everyday Biking. The perfect town for those who enjoy living life on two wheels. Come to Tucson, AZ and get consumed in the center of civilian cycling.

To stimulate and support biking in the Tucson community, investments are constantly made towards improving the cycling scene.  Tucson’s local government sponsors free bike commuter and safety classes and educating the riders has encouraged 3% more commuters to bike.

With such great support, it’s easy to see why Tucson keeps ranking as one of the most bike friendly cities by so many.