La Placita Village Shopping Center

la placita village

La Placita Village Shopping Center
110 S. Church Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701

Located just South of the Tucson Convention Center, La Placita Village is a collection of 10 adobe brick buildings that is built to resemble a Mexican marketplace. Located in Downtown Tucson it is hard to miss. It’s colorful collection of some of the most vibrant buildings in Tucson. While you are at La Placita Village stop by the Tucson Visitors Center to explore more wonderful things to do. They have plenty of information inside about the area. Parking is available in the garage just East of the center. It provides a colorful bridge over the road to La Placita Village to help pedestrians avoid traffic.

La Placita Village is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon exploring the businesses. Its spacious courtyard provides a wonderful area to sit and enjoy the day with a good book or coffee. During the Summer Months enjoy an evening out with the Cinema La Placita Village outdoor film series. Every Thursday night at 7:30 Cinema La Placita shows a classic movie outdoors in the courtyard.

Admission is $3 per person and includes popcorn! That’s a deal you can’t beat! In addition to being a great place to spend an afternoon, La Placita Village also hosts events. The courtyard and gazebo are available for private parties, ceremonies, or small concerts. The unique charm of La Placita Village will not disappoint. And if you find yourself still wanting to explore, the folks at the Visitors Center will be more than happy to lend a hand.