Coming Soon: Not Yet Public – New Homes for Sale Near the Light Rail

Streetcar at the Mercado & MSA Annex near Downtown Tucson AZ
Streetcar at the Mercado & MSA Annex near Downtown Tucson AZ

New Homes for Sale Near the Light Rail! The Light Rail (also known as the Tucson Streetcar) is an amazing addition to Downtown Tucson that connects over 350 stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues.  Due to the bustling activity, new homes are coming to Downtown Tucson and the Light Rail area. Get on my Pocket List to see the newest homes for sale, even before they are available!  Sign up below!

    Find the Newest Homes in Tucson By Getting on my Pocket List!
    Find the Newest Homes in Tucson By Getting on my Pocket List!

    How Do I Find the Newest Homes in Tucson?

    Find the newest and most desirable Tucson Homes for Sale by browsing this dedicated Real Estate website and signing up on my Pocket List!  When I learn about new house developments, even before they are available, I tell everyone on my Pocket List!  Armed with this knowledge, you can plan your finances and make your first offer the best offer!

    Preparation is the key to getting the right home at the right time at the right price.  By knowing about amazing new homes before they are available, you are more prepared than other home buyers and can negotiate a more favorable transaction.

    What Kind of Homes Will I Learn About on the Pocket List?

    The Tucson Streetcar has brought immense opportunity to Downtown Tucson and the surrounding area.  Home builders are flocking to create exciting new neighborhoods, or renovating existing homes for the future. While I will show you new homes for sale of all different types, here are the four most common new homes types you’ll find on my Pocket List:

    Get On The Pocket List for the Newest Ice House Lofts For Sale
    Get On The Pocket List for the Newest Ice House Lofts For Sale

    Lofts and Modern Homes Near the Light Rail

    I fell in love with Tucson Lofts years ago and I have become an expert in the category.  You can visit my website dedicated to Tucson Lofts for Sale to learn everything there is to know about lofts in Tucson.  Get on my Pocket List today to find out about the newest and most amazing lofts before they even hit the market!


    Bungalows were the most popular style of home built during the ’80s and ’90s, with Downtown Tucson and the surrounding areas reflecting this popularity.  However, these homes are starting to show their age, so developers that I talk to are gutting and remodeling them.  You get a brand new home in a classic Tucson neighborhood!

    This is no simple remodel.  They are basically starting from scratch, replacing the plumbing, electrical system, roofing; everything but the foundation!  They are even adding garages if possible, increasing the value and creating an incredible opportunity for home ownership!


    Condominiums are rare, but they do exist in Tucson.  You just have to know where to look.  Luckily, I’ve been looking for over 20 years, so I know just what to show you!  My team and I have a great track record of finding condos and helping buyers get financing (which can be tricky) so they can start the next chapter of their lives.  Put me to work finding your dream condo near Downtown Tucson – Call Today at (520) 631-TONY (8669)!

    New Constructions / New Build Homes
    Truly New Homes for Sale Near the Light Rail, lol

    This is where the real value lies.  We start with a dirt lot and bring in talented builders with a vision to create incredible new spec homes for sale.  Pro Tip: Spec is short for speculative, meaning the homes were built to appeal to the average home buyer.  That means you get to move into a beautifully designed, custom built home without having to do the customizing.  All the benefit without any of the stress!

    There are many different options with new constructions.  You can find everything from brand new bungalows to contemporary and even mid-century modern homes for sale.  These new homes are built all the time, so sign up for my Pocket List to find out about new projects while they are still breaking ground.  That way, you can snag that charming new Mid-Century Modern home you’ve always wanted as soon as it’s available!

    Sign up for our List of Upcoming New Homes for Sale Near the Light Rail, right below.

    Have a great day,
    TonyRay 🙂