Why More Arizona Homeowners May Need Flood Insurance in 2020

Get Flood Insurance for a Great Price Thanks to Kristi Frank and American Family Insurance
Get Flood Insurance for a Great Price Thanks to Kristi Frank and American Family Insurance

Hey guys, happy what’s today? Wednesday. I’m sitting outside. You can see that there’s a beautiful storm coming up back here and it’s starting to sprinkle so I’m super excited because we are getting rain today.

And I’m not so excited because that made me start thinking; those fires that wiped out our mountain range have taken also all the vegetation. So we’re going to have possibility of flooding coming through the city areas unlike we’ve been used to before because there’s nothing to hold that water back. And so as I thought about that, I thought I have three houses, well we have four houses and none of them are in the floodplain.

So I would think that they’d be pretty inexpensive to insure so I jumped on the phone with my favorite insurance agent Kristi Frank over at American Family and we ran the numbers and I was kind of shocked to find out I can insure my houses and they’re all small houses there each one’s 16 – 1700 square feet range. None of them in the floodplain. They’re all three bedroom two baths, but I can ensure all of them each one for $100,000 policy and that would be for repairs from flooding for about 32 bucks a month!

So I think now is the time to tell your friends that they may want to consider looking into flood insurance. My house, two of our houses sit on a street where every time it rains we make jokes because we can see that water coming up and we have kayaks and we’re hoping always someday to actually use them on the road but that hasn’t happened Thank God. But I’m thinking what if this water comes down from these mountain ranges and we end up with this extra excess water on our streets and just a little bit of rising water a few inches can cause a ton of damage to a house, and the policy that I looked at with Kristi Frank was a hundred thousand dollars to repair the house and 40,000 for the contents. That would be good enough. I think, to fix our homes.

You can get higher policies up to 200,000 but I think and there’s lower to it by the way, but for 32 bucks a month, I think it’s something we should all be considering and I think we should talk to our friends and this should be a conversation we’re all having right now. There’s Bailey Bug. Hey Bailey Bug, come here. Come inside. It’s so sorry. I’m distracted by the puppies every time anyways, it’s raining nicely here. And if you have any questions, I would call Kristi Frank over at American Family or call me (520.631.8669) if you want to talk about insurance and flooding and all that fun stuff, but spread the word out there because I think this year some people are possibly in a position of being in trouble if there’s rain storms come in as normal in that water doesn’t stay up where it belongs. So hi to everybody and enjoy our rainy day, and I’ll talk to you soon.