Home Tour of 4180 W Distant Wash Court, Marana AZ 85658

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/6n6Rads_-zk” mode=”normal” align=”center” title=”4180 W Distant Wash Court, Marana AZ 85658 – Home Tour with Darren Jones and Tony Ray” description=”4180 W Distant Wash Court, Marana AZ 85658 – Home Tour with Darren Jones and Tony Ray” maxwidth=”840″ aspect_ratio=”16:9″]

Hello! Today we’re coming to you from Marana, Arizona! We’re in a beautiful house just off of Tangerine Road in a
semi-custom home from AF Sterling. Located in a gated community, this amazing Marana Home for Sale has us  really excited to show you this house!  It’s got a really beautiful atrium / sun room with stunning views, so we’re going to show you that and Darren is very excited about the kitchen.  So let’s go check it out!

The Kitchen

This is a great kitchen and I want you to really notice the granite here. This looks like one of the higher grade granites, maybe from Brazil or India. You can tell because it has the hard and soft surfaces, a lot of quartz, a lot of depth, and just a lot of movement. The entire kitchen is done in a neutral color palette. These are espresso stained solid oak cabinets. They are absolutely gorgeous and built for durability.

They’ve also got all these fantastic deep drawers for locking storage options. ( Watch for the Boom! 😉 We have a beautiful Kitchen-Aid hood with the five burner gas top stove. Upgraded appliances, built-in microwave, and i love this breakfast bar! The breakfast bar here is tiled in the front, which is fantastic if you’ve ever had anybody who’s been kicking your countertop there, you know how much of the pain that is to keep it clean. We’ve got a beautiful chamfered edge along all of the tile here also there’s a really nice double sink which is under set from the bottom with upgraded fixtures, everything is just cherry, top of the line!

Great Room

I love the great room, it has this wonderful skylight, lots of natural light and the kitchen overlooks the great room, the dining room, the atrium, the backyard and these amazing views. Over to the right, I have two additional bedrooms and an additional bath, a closet, a powder room, an enormous walk-in closet off of the master suite with a fantastic master bath as well. I think it’s about time to go find Tony Ray!

Atrium / Sun Room

I’m in the atrium / sun room, it’s magnificent out here! First of all, we have this stunning view of mountains behind me. These glass windows, skylights; you just want to be in all day long! I love that you can open both of these giant doors and you can let all the cool monsoon breezes come in during a rain storm form. This is the ultimate place to hang out and it has access to the master bedroom and in the dining room and into the great room. Plus, it’s heated and cooled so you can be comfortable year-round!

You Have to See This Amazing Marana Home for Sale Today!

Yeah, it’s amazing! So, how do they get a hold of us they want to know more about this beautiful home? To get all ahold of us, you can give us a call at (520) 631-8669.  We look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day!

P.S. Don’t forget to check the outtakes at the end, they are hilarious!