5350 N Mt. Lemmon Short Rd., Tucson, AZ 85749 – Live Home Tour

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Hi, I’m Tony Ray Baker with Tierra Antigua Realty! I’m Darren Jones with Tierra Antigua Realty! Welcome to 5350 North Mt. Lemmon Short Road, Tucson AZ 85749 🙂 Tony Ray, tell us more about this beautiful property!

I will 🙂 This is a gorgeous property sitting up on the base of Mt. Lemmon, so if you’ve driven to Mt. Lemmon, you couldn’t help but see this house as you’re going up the road because it demands your attention. It’s modern, it’s all glass, it was designed by a famous architect named Will Bruder and he’s done a lot of homes and commercial buildings up in Scottsdale.

Will Bruder, Architect

5350 N Mt. Lemmon Short Rd., Tucson, AZ 85749 - Architect Will Bruder's WorkIf you Google “Will Bruder,” you’ll find him. He does amazing work and one of the cool things about Will Bruder that i read, I can’t verify, but I read this about him; that he is a self-made architect and has become very famous for this kind of work. I don’t know that there are anyother Will Bruder homes (in Tucson). I researched everywhere trying to find any but i can’t find any other ones in Tucson. That doesn’t mean they’re not here, but this one is here, and it is now for sale, so it is worth coming up and seeing!

They certainly couldn’t have positioned it anymore perfectly for the views here. I feel like I’m on a spaceship 😉 At nighttime, I’ve been here and it feels like you’re floating above the earth because it’s so high up and you see all the city lights below, so it feels like you’re on this big spaceship flying across the city. The really cool thing, too, is that
the way the living room and the kitchen sit, it actually could be the command center on a on a spaceship. It’s got that really amazing feeling of spaciousness. So, why don’t we beam you over to the kitchen and and then you can show us around? 1 to beam up!

The Kitchen

5350 N Mt. Lemmon Short Rd., Tucson, AZ 85749 - The KitchenHi, welcome to Mission Control! This is the main kitchen and from here you have amazing views of Downtown, the entire valley, and downtown Tucson. This is a smaller kitchen but has major storage. There’s lots of cabinetry and lots of drawers, it also has a double stainless steel sink. The kitchen comes equipped with all new appliances, a high energy, efficient, quiet bosch dishwasher, a double door refrigerator, new microwave, stovetop and oven. So now, let’s go find Tony Ray!

Master Bedroom I

One of the beautiful things about this home is that it has two master suites, one on each end of the house, so there’s complete privacy for each suite. Right outside this door is an observation deck, this is probably my favorite room of the house because it looks at the mountain here so you would get the snow-capped mountains in the winter time in your view, which is beautiful. And then, right out here is that same view that you have from the living room, which is the city lights and it feels like you’re on top of the world here! This is an amazing bedroom, the other one has similar views as well but it does not get those mountain peaks which is really cool from behind.

Connecting Hallway

Coming from that bedroom that I love with the snow-capped mountain peak view, here you have the mechanical systems and you have a washer/dryer area, and then to the right here there’s an actual den, which also has city views, and another guest bathroom. Right in front of me is another master suite which we’re going to head into now 🙂

Master Bedroom II

5350 N Mt. Lemmon Short Rd., Tucson, AZ 85749 - Master Bedroom IINow, i’m at the Eastside bedroom, the second master bedroom suite, and i have another door to my right which goes out onto another private little patio courtyard. It goes down a few steps and it arrives in the area of that living room that we were in originally, and it has all those beautiful views for sitting outside and enjoying the city lights. One of the cool things here about this site, as I’m looking at the Rincon Mountains, I get to see moonrise and sunrise from this bedroom. It’s beautiful beause you watch that those orange moons and those crescent moons that come up over the mountains, you get to watch those from this point of view. I’ll call this the moonrise bedroom 😉 Same thing; this suite has its own bathroom as does the other suite on the other end of the house, so next let’s go find Darren, I want to show you the garage which has got its own workshop!

The Garage

This is a great garage, it’s huge and holds three cars, so you have a garage door for two cars and additional door for one. Plus, there’s tons of storage space as well as this great work area here with views of the mountains, how many garages can you say that about? This is really a great house, we love the modern lines, we love the position and the views! It has a great layout and it’s a fantastic home.

The Wrap Up

For more information about this modern home, call us at (520)631-8669 or visit us click the “Schedule Showing” button below. I hope you enjoyed this tour today of this beautiful home! I’m Darren Jones and I’m Tony Ray Baker, have a great day!

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