Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance Green Valley

That Green Valley Grin

When I was a kid, they would constantly play a commercial about moving to Green Valley.  The jingle included, “That Green Valley Grin.”  If I remember correctly, it would show a group of golfers all smiling at the camera.

Green Valley was originally created and sold as a resort type retirement area that focused on golf and over 55 activities.  It still does today.  It is definitely a more quite, relaxed lifestyle. Not for everyone, but for those who do relate to this type of living, they really seem to love Green Valley.

Green Valley AZ is located next to Sahuarita AZ.  Ironically, Sahuarita was designed to attract families with children.  Instead of golf courses, the landscape is riddled with soccer fields, playgrounds and water splash parks.  This pairing of cities works great for grandma and grandpa to live close to their kids and grand kids.

The Best of Both Worlds

So… you’re somewhat of a homebody and you love what Green Valley offers. You also love going out to the theater, opera, symphony and top restaurants once in awhile.  Not to worry, Green Valley is only about a 25 min drive to Downtown Tucson AZ and the Mercado District.  You get the best of both worlds.

Another great place just up the road towards Mexico is Tubac. Tubac is a great artist community with one of my favorite restaurants, Elvira’s.  Check it out next time your there.

Two Reasons for the Grin Now

You can now enjoy the life style that Green Valley has to offer with some financial assistance.  Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance Program has included Green Valley. I have put most all of the information below.  Call me when you have questions and when you are ready for the right lender referral.

Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance Program info for Green Valley
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