Storage Containers – Produce Stays Fresh Longer

Green Smoothie Pain – When I started drinking green smoothies, I ran into some issues right away.

Mind you, I had been juicing with a little pain in the butt juicer I picked up at Target or Costco. It served its purpose but a few things about juicing drove me crazy, like clean up, cost of produce needed to make juice and wasting most of that produce.

Spinach for example, one whole bag of spinach to get a small amount of juice. And then, I had to throw away all of the pulp left in the juicer. That was good spinach going to waste as far as I was concerned. And of course, it wasn’t just spinach, we were juicing lots of fruits and veggies to make a palatable morning drink. We also had to go to the store every few days because we were going through so much produce so quickly.

Keep Your Veggies Dancing With Storage Containers
Keep Your Veggies Dancing With Storage Containers

And then we found the Blendtec Blender and instead of using a bag of spinach a day, we needed one per week. Our produce bill went from for 40 bucks a day to 50 dollars a week. And now the new PAIN.

The produce wasn’t lasting long enough and I refuse to waste produce. Luckily, a few weeks after my new realization, I was in one of the Tucson stores that sell home goods. Might have been a TJ Max. That day (they never have the same thing if you go back) they happen to have produce storage containers with special green lids.

The containers, Kinetic Go Green Nano Food Storage Containers, promised to help food stay fresher longer because of some magical silver stuff in the lid. Similar I suppose to the green produce storage bags many people seem to love.

I purchased the only two sets of storage containers and took them home hoping they were all that they promised to be. And, pain no more, they really do work. After washing the produce, I can cut it up (or leave it untouched) and then its ready for green smoothies for the week. I shop on Sunday and the produce stays all week. No more waste and no more shopping on a regular basis. By the way, I do not like shopping very often, so these green storage containers really solved a lot of issues for me.

Here is a link to Amazon for the Kinetic Go Green Premium Nano Silver 14 Piece Food Storage Container Set here so you can find them. I have since purchased some other sizes from Amazon to accommodate larger fruits and veggies.

Check them out, they are not that expensive and save definitely save me time, money and keep me from wasting produce. And yes, they are BPA free