Eat More, Weigh Less

What if you could eat more and weigh less? Sign me up, right? Well, try it and possibly unlock the secret to creating your healthiest self yet. First, ponder the concept of volumetrics or caloric density. Sounds complicated, but it’s not. It goes like this…

You could have a package of Oreos and consume 2400 calories…

Or, for the same amount of calories you could have about:

1 lb of papaya
1 lb of carrots
1 lb of apples
1 lb of onions
1 lb of lettuce
1 lb of kale
1 lb of tofu
1 lb of cottage cheese
2 lbs of canteloupe
2 lbs of celery
2 lbs of cucumber

Crazy, right? I realize that sometimes the Oreos sound so much better and a lot more comforting than celery and cucumber. But, when you consider the way the Oreos leave you feeling … depleted, emotionally and nutritionally, where veggies leave you feeling light, full of vitality and actually extend the longevity and quality of your life… the concept becomes much easier to swallow.

We all know fruit and veggies are better for us, we’ve just become used to quick fix comfort. With patience and practice, you can whip up a batch of veggies you look forward to – eventually, believe it or not, way more than those Oreos!

If you’re new to cooking veggies, take some classes, find an inspiring recipe blog or try a healthy cookbook. I love Tucson-based Lilly’s Table online menu planning and cooking classes with Rachel from The Organic Kitchen… What inspires you?

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