Avocado Seeds – An Amazing Superfood

Everyone knows about Avocados… Did you know that the seeds of avocados are jam packed with nutrients and health benefits? In fact, the seeds contain more antioxidants than the avocado flesh, and most other fruits, vegetables and healing teas. Plus, they are full of more soluble fiber than just about any other food, including oatmeal. — Wow!

The super fruit’s seeds are also a great alternative for reducing inflammatory diseases within the body, but works particularly well with easing swelling in the gastrointestinal tract but also, is effective for bone diseases, joint discomforts and body aches and pains.

The healing seeds are also useful for lowering blood glucose levels and for helping a person maintain a healthy weight. Some find them useful for encouraging weight loss and for reducing exercise-induced asthma. The seeds even help curve food cravings and make you feel fuller so you are not munching on snacks constantly.

Some find it soothing to gastric ulcers because the seed contains antioxidants in it known as phenolic compounds. These compounds contain antibacterial and anti-viral properties, which makes the seeds effective at preventing ulcers within the lining of the digestive system.

Avocado Seed also contains a flavonol that prevents tumor growth… in fact studies with rats with cancer given Avocado Seed powder looks promising.

The seeds have the ability to fight away free radical cells too, that causes illness and aging. In fact, if you want to slow down the aging process and reduce the appearance of age spots and wrinkles avocados have the ability to rebuild collagen underneath the skin so it stays firm and youthful and the Avocado Seed Oil will make your hair shiny and help get rid of dead skin.

How do you eat these miracle seeds?

All you have to do to get these seeds into your diet is slice open an avocado, carefully remove the seed, place it into a plastic bag, and crush it with a meat mallet or hammer or you can slice the seed in half with a sharp knife. Then place the crushed seed into a high powered blender such as a Vitamix or Blendtec and grind it into a fine powder. Sprinkle the seed mixture onto meals, maybe smoothies, and eat up to receive the health benefits from this amazing super food.

My Personal Experience with Eating Avocado Seeds

Smoothie Formulas
Smoothie Formulas

Eating an Avocado Pit, are you kidding me? No, I’m not. When I started drinking green smoothies to see if I could lower my cholesterol, the one ingredient that I consistently used in every smoothie was and still is the avocado pit.

Some say that it is not good for you, some say it is. You of course must decide for yourself and should always consult your physician. For me, results are my guide and my results have been phenomenal. My cholesterol and triglycerides were off the charts until I started drinking green smoothies with avocado pits.

On a side note, some also say that avocados are toxic to dogs. Two of my dogs were fed nothing but Avoderm Dog food (made with avocados) for most of their lives, both dogs are over 14 years old.

I first heard about consuming the avocado pit at a Blendtec demo. I was at Costco and the young lady who worked for Blendtec made a green smoothie including a quarter of an avocado pit. I asked her about it and she told me about a book called, “Conquering Any Disease, The Ultimate High-Phytochemical Food Healing System”.

I tracked the book down online, purchased it and read everything I could about the different nutrients in fruits and vegetables. The book is amazing, it covers almost anything you can think of. It seems to be very popular, Amazon sells out quickly. The Author has another book about green smoothies as well.

Conquering Any Disease by Jeff Primack
Conquering Any Disease by Jeff Primack

Of course, the avocado pit is just one ingredient I choose to put into my green smoothies. When I have it, I use the skin of the avocado as well. According to the book and other info I have seen, both the pit are super high in fiber. The flesh of the avocado is said to have 3 grams of soluble fiber. The author, Jeff Primack, says that the seed has the greatest “artery scrubbing power” and has more fiber than any food on Earth.


I added the wiki info below. Jeffs Primack’s nutrient info in the (Conquering Any Disease) book is in line with the wiki info.

How to eat an avocado pit. That always seems to be the question I get when I talk about my green smoothies. You have to have a very high powered blender like the ones that they use in the juice stores. I am sure you have seen them in a mall before. I chose the Blendtec Blender, mainly because it had the easiest clean up and the strongest motor, 3 horse power! I think a lawn mower is 3hp, not sure because I do not have a use for a lawn mower, yay.

Avocado Nutrition Section from Wikipedia

Facts About Avocados
Facts About Avocados

Avocados have diverse fats. For a typical avocado:

  • About 75% of an avocado’s calories come from fat, most of which is monounsaturated fat.
  • On a 100 g basis, avocados have 35% more potassium (485 mg) than bananas (358 mg). They are rich in B vitamins, as well as vitamin E and vitamin K.[30]
  • Avocados have a high fiber content of 75% insoluble and 25% soluble fiber.[31]

High avocado intake was shown in one preliminary study to lower blood cholesterol levels. Specifically, after a seven-day diet rich in avocados, mild patients showed a 17% decrease in total serum cholesterol levels. These subjects also showed a 22% decrease in both LDL (harmful cholesterol) and triglyceride levels and 11% increase in HDL (helpful cholesterol) levels.[32] Additionally a Japanese team synthesised the four chiral components, and identified (2R, 4R)-16-heptadecene-1, 2, 4-triol as a natural antibacterial component.[33]

Due to a combination of specific aliphaticacetogenins, avocado is under preliminary research for potential anti-cancer activity.[34]

Extracts of P. americana have been used in laboratory research to study potential use for treating hypertension or diabetes mellitus.[35]