Save Time and Money in the Winter

Eating out costs more money while cooking at home has many benefits. Make cooking a family event, creating a quality time together while eating healthier. Using the stove and oven adds heat to your home.

Make extra for a quick lunch the next day. Think ahead, extra spaghetti sauce can be used to make turkey meatloaf tomorrow night.

Buy a programmable thermostat, estimated return on investment is 6 months. Set it for a lower temperature while you are away during the day and use less heat.

Keep bedrooms cooler to sleep at night by closing the air vents (this will also push more heat into the living areas while you are there).

Set your thermostat for as low as comfortable. Hospitals keep the temperature cool to prevent spread of germs. They will spread either way, but less likely with cool temps! If you are chilled, wear more clothes, save money on the heating bill and stay healthier.

Use the sun, keep window curtains and blinds open during the day so heat can come in. Close curtains and blinds at night to retain the heat.

Use the energy saving programs offered by some utility companies. TEP Power Shift is a great program which charges less money for electricity used after 8pm.