Reducing Your Electric Bill with the TEP PowerShift Program

Why Did I Wait So Long?

Have you ever meant to do something and just never got it done? Something that will save you money, making your life better, allowing you to perhaps buy more of something you really like (dinners out) or just save a little more money for a rainy day or …

Probably a stupid question, but hopefully you understand where I’m going with this.

I just recently remembered to sign up for the TEP PowerShift program. This program basically allows you to buy electricity almost at half price during off peak (any time after 8pm and up till noon the next day). Hello, Tony Ray, are you in there? Use as little electricity as possible between 12pm and 8pm. Not that hard.

Okay, so I finally got it and signed up and it was quick and easy and I don’t have any excuse for taking so long.

I also went to Costco; they have a great tower fan with remote for about $45 bucks. I turned my AC thermostat up 5 degrees during the day. I like it cold inside so this scared me a little. Much to my surprise, the tower fan makes all the difference in the world.

So now, after dinner, I get my dishwasher ready and put it on delay so that it runs after 8pm. I also try to do one load of laundry at night during off peak time as well.

So, I haven’t given up comfort, my electric bill will be lower and I am helping the planet. Now all I need is a cape.

Go to From the home page, go to Green Energy environmentally friendly programs or use this link to go direct.

Update: My first electric bill arrived in August of 2009, one of the hottest months of the year. Saved $70.00 !