Downtown Tucson Real Estate

Find Amazing Homes For Sale Near the Tucson Light Rail
Find Amazing Homes For Sale Near the Tucson Light Rail
Downtown Tucson Real Estate
Downtown Tucson Real Estate

Have you ever dreamed of waking up in the middle of all the action? Downtown Tucson and the surrounding areas invite you to discover the modern, connected lifestyle in a bustling, urban city-center.  Ever since the first run of the Tucson Light Rail / Modern Streetcar, we’ve seen an explosion in the number of business along the track.

Living in Downtown Tucson Real Estate provides you with access to this incredibly efficient mode of transportation, along with all the great shops, restaurants, museums, concert halls, and fantastic businesses that have sprang up to serve you!

Where is Downtown Tucson?

The Hub is a Fixture of Downtown Tucson
The Hub is a Fixture of Downtown Tucson

The very nature of Downtown Tucson changed dramatically with the advent of the Tucson Light Rail.  Before the light rail, Downtown Tucson was a triangle area with I-10 and E 17th St posing as the legs while Toole Ave serves as the hypotenuse.  Within that small footprint were hundreds of businesses serving tens of thousands of customers. It created a logistical nightmare. That was, before the controversial Tucson Modern Streetcar initiative.

Downtown Tucson Connected

The Tucson Light Rail was a critical component of expanding the Downtown Tucson footprint.  The Streetcar track runs from the Mercado District, through Downtown Tucson, then towards the U of A by way of 4th Avenue and University Blvd.

Along this course, the streetcar passes hundreds of amazing local businesses.  From the local downtown grocer, to the posh nightclubs along Congress, everything you need is only a short ride away!

Downtown Tucson Neighborhood Map
Downtown Tucson Neighborhood Map

Downtown Tucson Real Estate, Neighborhoods and Subdivisions

The only thing better then going downtown is living near downtown.  Just imagine. You get the beautiful, Southwest-inspired homes of a historic Tucson neighborhood along with the connected lifestyle of a modern urban city.  It’s the best of both worlds!

Allow me to take you on a tour of Downtown Tucson Real Estate. You’ll experience this tour as a passenger on the Tucson Light Rail.

Come Along With Me!

Homes West of Downtown Tucson

Let’s begin our ride in the Mercado District. Here, we see Menlo Park. Menlo Park is a historic area of land that has been continuously occupied by humans for over 4000 years!  From there, the modern streetcar careens down Cushing Ave towards our next incredible neighborhood, Barrio Viejo!

Homes South of Downtown Tucson

Barrio Viejo is another historic Tucson district. This district has architecture that harkens back to the heady 1870s when Tucson was experiencing rapid development.  We continue our journey past Cushing Ave into the Armory Park and Armory Park Del Sol neighborhoods.

Armory Park and Armory Park Del Sol were named due to the presence of an old armory. It was established in the neighborhood shortly after Arizona became a state. This is one of Tucson’s most iconic subdivisions and is featured in the National Register of Historic Places!

Homes North of Downtown Tucson

Moving on, we find ourselves entering the Iron Horse, Pie Allen and El Presidio neighborhoods. Iron Horse was named after the moniker given to trains during Western expansion.  These trains, called “Iron Horses”, were operated by Southern Pacific. Southern Pacific required all of its employees to live within a certain distance from the railroad tracks.  The employees ended up living in the area which we now know as Iron Horse.

The history behind Pie Allen is equally as interesting.  A former mayor took to baking and selling dried apple pies after a failing career as a gold miner.  These pies became so popular that they eventually supplanted his identity and he became “Pie” Allen. The name now welcomes visitors to the area.

The El Presidio is perhaps the most important neighborhood in Tucson.  It is where it all started for the Old Pueblo. Spanish settlers established Presidio San Augustin del Tucson on land. Shortly after the area was inhabited by Tucson’s founding fathers and rich merchants. Some of Tucson’s most well-known architectural gems are located in this area.

Back on the Tucson Light Rail, we find ourselves heading towards our final stops. The University of Arizona (UA) speaks for itself.  It is a world-class institution with industry-leading professors and faculty. It is also closely connected with the West University Neighborhood.

West University was one of Tucson’s first suburbs. It’s a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Thanks to its proximity to UA, West University has become a cultural hub for music and art in Tucson. It is also the perfect spot for any students or faculty to live. One could just walk out the door, jump on the Tucson Modern Streetcar, and be at their office or class within 5 minutes!

Homes East of Downtown Tucson

Rincon Heights is located South of UA. It is a remarkable neighborhood in it’s own right.  Billed as “the middle of everywhere”, Rincon Heights certainly follows through with the moniker as this central location is close to everything. With easy access to all of Tucson’s prominent spaces, you can’t choose a bad location in the Rincon Heights Neighborhood!

Let’s depart the Tucson Light Rail at the Main Gate Square stop. Look around you and see fantastic shops and fun bars, restaurants, and nightclubs all focused to the college crowd.  Notice all the foreign foods and extravagant fashions. This is what a truly connected lifestyle looks like!

How Do I Get Into Downtown Tucson Real Estate?

I know what you’re asking, “Where do I start?”  Well, you’ve already taken the first step. If you’re reading this, then you’ve learned a ton about Downtown Tucson and the neighborhoods and subdivisions that connect to it. You’ve also learned about the Tucson Modern Streetcar and the connected lifestyle it offers.

Darren and Tony Ray in Downtown Tucson
Darren and Tony Ray in Downtown Tucson

I love Downtown Tucson. I can’t wait to share my years of experience in buying and selling Downtown Tucson Real Estate. It’s not always easy. There are many legal and financial pitfalls that can greet any real estate buyer or seller. I’ve navigated the waters and I have a streamlined process to help you buy or sell your home.

I have an entire team geared towards making your real estate transaction as smooth and effortless as possible. You’ll stay in the loop the whole time with regular emails and phone conversations with both Darren and I. Trust the Tony Ray Baker Group with your Downtown Tucson Real Estate purchases or sales.

Let’s Get Started!

Take the second step in your journey today by telling me a little about yourself. If you’re a buyer, we’ll use that info to set up a custom home search. If you’re a seller, we’ll set up an initial consultation.

Don’t wait another moment to buy or sell the Downtown Tucson Real Estate of your dreams!  Give me a call today at (520) 631-TONY (8669) or fill out the Contact Form in the right column (just below this for mobile users).

Find Amazing Homes For Sale Near the Tucson Light Rail
Find Amazing Homes For Sale Near the Tucson Light Rail

Homes Near the Light Rail


Get all the convenience of the modern, connected lifestyle with your home near the Tucson Light Rail! You’ll have easy access to fantastic restaurants, fun nightclubs, and everything else Downtown Tucson has to offer!

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Catalina and Saddlebrooke Luxury Neighborhoods


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The Sister-Cities of Catalina and Saddlebrooke offer the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle found in the Tucson Metro Area.  Look here for Catalina and Saddlebrooke Neighborhoods and Subdivisions to escape into!

Senior Living Homes for Sale

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1107 E. Lester Tucson, AZ 85719 Home for Sale

This is going on the market this afternoon and it’s a flash sale, like a pop up! We just got it this morning so we are putting it up right away, you gotta come see it! This is a 1950’s bungalow with two entrances, one of those entrances is the 3rd bedroom. The really cool thing about that is you could put somebody in there as a roommate or a renter. So let’s go in, ‘m going to show you that bedroom in a few minutes.

1107 E. Lester Tucson, AZ 85719
1107 E. Lester Tucson, AZ 85719

This Bungalow was completely remodeled just at the beginning of this year, we’ve been waiting for it, we are so excited. It’s got a beautiful large living space. As you can see it’s furnished right now, it’s being used as a AirBNB. So this property could be a turnkey vacation rental for you or it’s ready to move in. Also, just so, you know, the artwork and all the furnishings are negotiable and can stay with this property if you do want to do a vacation rental.

I love this property because the floor plan makes it very versatile. You can have a roommate easily because of the split bedroom, you could use this as a vacation rental. You could use it as a second home, it could be a long-term / short-term rental. There’s just this is a great floor plan. I also love that it’s a double red brick, it’s solid build. You don’t find these very often in this condition. It also has a big property in the back with covered parking and storage and with and a patio we’re going to show you that as well.

The kitchen has been remodeled right at the beginning. That means the appliances are newer. Everything in here is newer. This is a really cool feature to me, if you’re in the living room or you have guests, all you have to do is hop over here, grab a soda. Or as Marta would say, una cerveza. Then you can pop back over there, and you don’t have to get involved in the kitchen. So if someone’s in here cooking, you’re not interfering, which is really, really cool.

The kitchen has gas, which I love, it has a built-in microwave, it does have a dishwasher which is also something you don’t find a lot in these older homes and I love a kitchen with a window when you’re doing dishes or your cooking, I just really like the light. They did install Solar Tubes. Those are in the ceiling. You can see the extra light pointing down, so you but they don’t be lights in this house during the day, so it’s really awesome. They also did the new upgraded flat square lighting, which I also love. It brings a touch of modern to this property.

Down at this side of the house, you have two bedrooms with closets and Marta is going to walk you over there, you’re going to see that they’re generous in size. Both of the bedrooms would fit a queen-size, or a king size bed. And still have plenty of room for a dresser or sitting chair, or whatever you need. One of the other cool things is they have semi walk-in closets. so, I can literally walk inside this…

Really cool, right? These little old houses, usually have little tiny… How do you say it? They are very generous compared to other 1950s homes, they have a little teeny tiny door with a little teeny tiny closets. Yeah, these are good size.

It has a linen closet in the hallway. And then you have a beautiful second bedroom and again, I can walk in this closet. It’s actually got great space, I’m all they way back here. So if you put double racks across both sides here, you can fit a lot of clothes in this bedroom, nice, right? Love this house.

I love the calmness of the decor, it certainly feels really nice in this house. This bathroom was also updated. As you can see, it’s got a tub and the shower. They also put a solar tube to create light for this bathroom. I think I want to do that now at my house and these are Bluetooth speaker systems which are really cool, so you can play music while you sing in the shower.

Notice the ledge, great for babies and dogs 🙂

Bathroom number two is the same. We have a completely remodeled bathroom over here. This is a walk-in shower and it’s beautifully tiled. I really like what they did with that. They even went to to the point of putting seating in the shower at, for shaving your legs or just taking a rest, I suppose. Also great to wash babies and dogs.

If we go over here, there’s a bonus room on this property, and this is perfect for an office or a yoga room, it’s great Flex space. You can do anything with this. It could be a guest bedroom since you don’t need a closet for a guest, typically. If you need a closet for guess, they’re saying too long. That’s my theory. So this can be a really great room. I can see having a Murphy bed here and then making it an office or combination or something. It also has an entrance out to the patio in the backyard. So that’s another really neat part of this room. So, let me show you the other the last bedroom and then we’ll go outside.

This this originally was most likely a carport because there is a step down. It has been remodeled and converted into a laundry room and a bedroom with its own private entrance. It’s a good size laundry room, lots of light in the laundry room, which I love, and you could do a lot with this, because it’s got storage and it’s got lots of space.

Great for Guest or Roommate Who Needs Their Own Entrance, Teenagers is Still Up for Debate

Then we have this bedroom again, a good-sized closet and a very nice size room. A king-size bed would fit in here very easily. I love this room because of the double windows, I like a lot of light. There’s also windows on this side and, this is really cool because, you’ve got an entrance to the outside. This is back at the front where we started.

That is really cool because you could have a guest stay here or a roommate or somebody who needs their own entrance, which is neat. I don’t suggest teenagers live in this room. They could run away, they can get into trouble.

We’re going to go back out there and I’m going to show you the outside. One of the neat things about this property is it’s got a big spacious lot. And you gotta love it because there’s a good-sized front yard, but the backyard, you can do so much with. And if you’ve got toys or campers like we do, you want to park those with your cars. You’ve got plenty of space inside these gates.

This is a really cool little patio right here, so you’re covered. Then you can see, over there, you’ve got a storage shed in the back. You’ve got two-car carport, you could easily fit, wow you could easily fit a couple campers, a boat, Sea-Doos and still have your pool. So I think then you would just add some privacy to the fencing and you’re all good to go. So that’s what we would do.

This area is permit street parking. So your guests, you give them your permit. If you’re living here, you’d get a permit to put in their windows. The cool thing about this property is it actually has plenty of parking for guests, so that’s nice too. If you want to have a little get-together, you don’t have to worry about the permitted street parking.

We’re super close to the U of A, so this is a great house for a rental if you have a professor or students or somebody who wanted to go to the UArizoa. Or Banner Hospital is down the road. The location is fantastic just from the fact that there’s so much around here.

Call Tony Ray Today at (520) 631-TONY and Schedule Your Walkthrough

We did this on the fly because we want to get this out to you right away because we are going to list it this afternoon, we have paper signed, we’re getting photographs and video done right now, and we are getting ready to go.

Call me and (520) 631-TONY (8669) and I can get you in ASAP or call Marta, what is your phone number Marta? (520) 265-5625 So if you speak Spanish and you need a Spanish speaker, you just think she’s prettier than me. Whatever then call Marta!

Let’s finish off in the great room so you can get a feel for this one more time, it’s a lot of house to take in. Three bedrooms, two baths, extra bonus room, covered parking, large lot for lots of toys and guests and it has been remodeled and it just was finished at the very beginning of this year. If you have any questions, call me I’m Tony Ray with RE/MAX Select. Thank you so much. I hope you guys have a great day!

More Amazing Photos of 1107 E. Lester Tucson, AZ 85719

Green Valley Luxury Neighborhoods


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The adorable city of Green Valley is nestled into the hills a short hours-drive from Downtown Tucson.  With an abundance of services dedicated to active adults, many Green Valley Neighborhoods and Subdivisions are 55+ and geared towards retirees and people who wish to spend their autumn years basking in the sun.