Bridges of Tucson

Diamondback Bridge - Bridges of Tucson
Diamondback Bridge - Bridges of Tucson

Diamondback Bridge

Diamondback Bridge or sometimes referred to as rattlesnake bridge.

Ever been in the belly of a snake? This award-winning desert art gives you the opportunity! What a sight as you leave downtown heading east and you come across this beautiful and functional piece of architecture.

On the banks of Downtown, you can cross Broadway at Aviation Parkway on foot. When someone asks you about things to do in Tucson, be sure to tell your friends you were inside the belly of a monster rattlesnake and came out alive! You can only experience this at Diamondback Bridge.

The artist, Simon Donovan received an award for one of the United States’ best road projects from the Federal Highway Administration.

Leaving the tail end of the snake, head over to the new Basket Bridge for more sightseeing.

Basket Bridge - Bridges of Tucson
Basket Bridge - Bridges of Tucson

Basket Bridge

Another one of Tucson’s cool pieces of functional art. The Basket Bridge connects to the Diamondback Bridge.

The artist of this bridge is Rosemary Lonewolf who says she was very careful not to use any symbols that had sacred meanings.

So here is the way it works: Downtown connects to the Diamondback Bridge, the Diamondback Bridge connects to the Basket Bridge, and the Basket Bridge connects to the path that takes you all the way to the East side of Tucson. All the way to the Kolb Rd. area near Pantano as a matter of fact.

So if your foot bone is connected to your bike or walking shoes, this is a great outdoor activity. To rent a bike, check out Rent a Bike.

To find the bridge, go south on Euclid from Broadway and you will go under it.