Marana Luxury Neighborhoods


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Your dream Marana Luxury home is waiting for you!  Find your perfect place in any of the amazing Marana luxury neighborhoods and subdivisions, like Boulder Bridge Pass or Canyon Pass at Dove Mountain.

New Construction

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    New Construction: What You Need To Know

    • Representation by your buyer’s broker is usually paid by the seller or builder. So, why not exploit this advantage?
    • Site agents, represent the builder and are expected to get the best deal for the builder!
    • You are much more likely to lose money by not using a buyer’s agent.
    • Having representation by a qualified buyer’s agent (ABR – Accredited Buyer’s Representative) is often FREE!
    Let me explain…

    New Construction: W­hy Do You Need A Buyer’s Agent If You Are Planning To Buy A New Construction?

    Many people enjoy looking for a new home.  It can be an exciting event consisting of seeing many homes, getting ideas, and deciding where your furniture will fit. New ConstructionMany others, however, find that the thought of purchasing a home, especially one which is older, is potentially fraught with pitfalls. They just can’t bring themselves to buy someone else’s problems. A perfect solution may be to build a new home of your very own with all the features and amenities you desire.  But, wait… How does that become a different buying process?  Can’t I just go to the new home buying store and get what I want? Well, that would be great but it’s not quite that easy as you may have guessed.  The first thing to do is find a qualified real estate buyer’s agent to represent you. But, you say… Don’t they already have agents at the showroom who already know all about their paperwork?  The models?  The upgrades, amenities they offer? All of the pricing that we need? Why, yes they do!  And guess who they represent?  They represent the builder.  It is their job to get the best deal they can for that builder.  The builder is their client.  You are their customer.  There is a distinctive difference between being a client vs being a customer. A dual agency is created if you are represented by the site agent for the builder.  The agent is not legally capable of presenting you with options which can benefit you against their client, the builder.

    New Construction: You Should Have A Buyer’s Agent Representing You Just Like The Builder Has A Seller’s Agent Representing Them.

    Your buyer’s agent will be familiar with the pitfalls of buying and building a new home. They offer the best advice when glitches occur in the process and help you through difficulties and delays which can occur for many reasons. It is a very common practice for the site agent to offer incentives if you agree to use the builder’s financing.  Although this may be an advantage, it can also cost you on the back end. New ConstructionIt has even been known to happen, that these back-end fees tacked onto the mortgage, prevent the home from meeting the appraisal value. Whereby, you would be under contract to come up with thousands of additional dollars in order to successfully close on your dream home. Your buyer’s agent can help you make the right decisions, weigh the options and find the financing that best meets your financial needs.  The site agents, working for the builder, usually enjoy working with a buyers agent for many reasons. It makes the paperwork go much more smoothly since they do not need to represent the buyer.  Professional buyer’s agents are familiar with the process and are better able to advise the buyer. Which frees up the site agent to go and assist another buyer. The buyer’s agent is also keeping track of time lines. They know when to spring into action to prevent issues before they occur.  The buyer’s agent is also able to answer many of the questions the buyer has prior to the initial visit so that the buyer is much more informed.

    New Construction: The Showroom

    Building a house for your dream home can be very exciting. It can also be very intimidating.  Once you have chosen the lot location, the model, the custom elevation, the exterior colors, and roof, then comes the showroom. New ConstructionIf the thought of picking out a paint color for your current kitchen is daunting, imagine how involved picking out every surface, finish, knob, switch plate, trim-piece, stair-railing. Your buyer’s agent can help you through this process with experience and guidance which can be invaluable.  Your buyer’s agent should be able to advise you as to what will bring value to the new home or what items are just expensive extravagances. This can become very important to you when you start to go “over-budget” and have to decide where you are willing to cut in favor of a more important feature. Many people involved in the plan to get everything just right for you.

    New Construction: If You Don’t Have A Buyer’s Agent On Your Side, How Will You Deal With An Inflexible Builder, A Non-Responsive Site Agent, Inspections, Paperwork, Documents And Terms?

    New ConstructionConsidering how many people are involved with, ordering of materials, back orders, out of stock, discontinued choices, miscommunication, and human nature issues, this can be just the tip of the iceberg.  Plainly, there are many ways that things can go other than planned. Unless you are planning to take on the new build as a second career, why would you not have an agent working for you to help keep things going in the right direction, protecting your interests, scheduling professionals for inspections and performing all levels of negotiation and corrections on your behalf. When you consider the seller pays for your representation and for the services you receive, doesn’t it just make sense?  Experienced buyers agents are adept at negotiation and how to present a request to other agents and builders. And just FYI. Once you have moved into your new home, your buyer’s agent is still there for you when issues arise pertaining to your home. Have a great day, Tony Ray 🙂  

    North Tucson Luxury Neighborhoods


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    From the sprawling Catalina Ridge Estates to the scenic vistas found in Ventana Heights, North Tucson is full of fantastic homes for sale in pristine luxury neighborhoods.

    Northeast Tucson Luxury Neighborhoods


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    Learn more about the amazing Northeast Tucson Luxury Neighborhoods and see all of the wonderful homes for sale at the Lakes At Castle Rock and Rancho Soldados, plus much more!