Tucson Real Estate Update – Fennimore Home and Fun Things

Hi, happy Saturday, i’m Tony Ray and I’m Darren! Haha, you’re not Darren, you’re Tom Heath! This is Tom Heath from Nova Home Loans! Thanks for dropping by today. Where’s Darren? He is at a wonderful museum downtown that you might want to visit next week! Darren’s not here with us so we get to play today!

We’re going to talk about some fun things: somebody named Wilbur and Wilma, and then we’re gonna talk about entering a whole new dimension, which I’m very excited about on my techie thing! And shopping, cocktails, and a chick flick! And we’re going to talk about an out of town event you gotta know about. We have a cool house for you to see today:


Million Dollar Home for Sale at 3098 N Fennimore Avenue, Tucson AZ 85749

3098 N Fennimore Ave Wonderful Backyard with Pool and Outdoor Kitchen
Wonderful Backyard with Pool and Outdoor Kitchen

The Fennimore House is over 5,000 square feet, five bedrooms, five baths, it’s over a million dollar home, and just the backyard that you’re looking at now is a about a $150,000 backyard. It’s got a swimming pool, spa, beautiful private patios, and beautiful outdoor kitchen with a giant fireplace! The price just came down to $949,000, so it’s a great buy! If you have somebody that you know or you would like to see it, give us a at (520) 631-8669 and we will take you to see the Fennimore House!  Or check below for all the information you’ll need about this amazing home for sale and click the “Schedule Showing” button to instantly put me to work for you!

Oh, almost forgot, it’s out east in this Grove of Mesquite with mountains and beautiful, lush mesquite trees all around; it it’s a beautiful setting! Plus, if you’re a doctor or professional, give me a call because we’ve got some great low down payment options in this one as well!

Fun Things to Do in Tucson

Next, we’d like to talk about some fun things to do! This is a crazy, crazy weekend!

Tucson Meet Yourself and Second Saturday Collide

2nd Saturdays in Downtown Tucson
2nd Saturdays in Downtown Tucson

We have a Tucson Meet Yourself, have you done that before? I have, i think it’s called Tucson Eat Yourself 🙂 I guess every chef has it some sort of dishes but they’re all under 8 bucks! We were at their last night, place was packed, tremendous food, tremendous energy, lots of entertainment, nice all weekend long!

The super collision that’s happening today is like when the Moon and the Sun collide and the stars all get sucked into the vortex… I’m making this up but its Second Saturday! So Second Saturday and Tucson Meet Yourself all coming today, so it’s going to be packed! Here’s my suggestion; Uber Taxi, Lyft, whatever you have to do, just don’t try to drive into the city tonight. Park at the Mercado or Park at the U of A and Lght Rail in; that’s a good tip right there you! It’s a crazy weekend downtown, this is the place to be tonight.

Nightfall at Old Tucson Studios

Tomorrow, Old Tucson Nightfall is going on! I love Halloween so this is a great thing to go see. There’s a lot of fun stuff coming up, we’ll talk next week about some scary things coming up like corn mazes.

Speaking of Pumpkin

Pumpkin is really good for your dogs, by the way, if they have an upset stomach. It responds just like imodium, use a little bit, a couple tablespoons, if your puppy or dog needs some help. Pumpkin is great! Not canned pumpkin that goes into pie fillings, it’s got to be pure pumpkin.

Wilbur and Wilma’s Playground

Wilbur and Wilma's Playground
Wilbur and Wilma’s Playground

What else we talk about? Wilbur and Wilma! You said you know them? Yeah, i think i was at the wedding 🙂 Ok, different Wilbur and Wilma 🙂 It’s called Wilbur and Wilma’s Playground, it’s at the U of A and it’s supposed to be next week and it’s crazy fun, cool stuff and it’s on our Things to Do calendar at SeeTucsonHomes.com.

Just look up Wilbur and Wilma and you’ll see it on next Saturday. The playground features all kinds of blow ups and playground stuff for the kids; it’s must be really cool, so if you have kids that’s a good event for next weekend on the U of A Mall.

Glam Bash at the Fox Theatre

Also this next weekend coming up is something called Glam Bash at the Fox Theatre and it’s about shopping, cocktails, and chick flicks. So ladies might want to check that out, it’s on our calendar.

26th Annual Great Steps in Bisbee

Next weekend is also really cool because it’s the 26th annual Great Steps, the thousands step event where you walk up a thousand or more steps. Spend an hour and a half driving t0 Bisbee and then you walk up these steps and then if you don’t pass out from lack of oxygen, you can have a beer and a cool sandwich at the Copper Queen!

Here’s the crazy virtual reality demo I did live on stage at Oculus Connect today. The idea is that virtual reality puts people first. It’s all about who you’re with. Once you’re in there, you can do anything you want together — travel to Mars, play games, fight with swords, watch movies or teleport home to see your family. You have an environment where you can experience anything.
Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tony’s Techie Tip of the Week

I want to talk to you about my techie thing today; if you haven’t seen this, Mark Zuckerberg released the new virtual reality video yesterday, have you seen it? I posted it on Facebook.com/TonyRayBaker, it’s on my personal page and you gotta go there and check it out!

Watch it because it’s totally unique, it’s just a new dimension, virtual reality in a different way! They show Mark and his wife and some other people and they’re moving in two different locations and they’re playing games together and they’re all in Virtual Reality at the same time! Wow :0

It’s one of those things you might have to watch a couple times to kind of wrap your mind about what’s coming in technology, so it’s very exciting!

The Wrap Up

I think that’s it for today, is anything else you want to talk about? Professional hockey starts tomorrow at noon at TCC, there’s no admission cost but they’re asking for donations to support the Ice Cats and the regular season kicks off, i believe, the 28th of October, so we’ve got the RoadRunners in town in support!

Well, i think that concludes our day for today. Next week, we’re going to have something fun! We’re going to do a field trip and Darren should be here 😉

We will i see you then, thanks for stopping by and if you will please like us on this page, make sure you do that because then you can communicate with us and we can see your questions and comments! Like and share please 🙂

I’m Tony Ray Baker with Tierra Antigua Realty and I’m actually Tom Heath with Nova Home Loans, have a great day!

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