Tucson Real Estate Live with Darren and Tony Ray – Episode 3

Hello, I’m Tony Ray Baker with Tierra Antigua Realty and I’m Darren Jones with Tierra Antigua Realty. Yeah!
Today is Saturday morning and we’re a little late, we apologize but we got locked out of the office. That was awesome… so we’re now back in the office, but today is Tony Ray’s birthday and so before we get started… Look what we got for you!

Isn’t that fun? Ok, on my birthday I get a dunce cap, but wait, I think we can do better 🙂

I don’t even want to know what this looks like 🙂

We are here to talk about things to do, and it just so happens that this afternoon we’re going to be racing over at the Tucson Autobahn, it’s a great place and this is not something you can just do in Anytown, USA. These guys are over on 300 South Toole Avenue and they are open Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to midnight; we’re going to shoot over there about three o’clock and have a great time! This is awesome! You can actually do Super Grand Prix racing, 14 laps the whole thing !

Is that what I’m doing?

Yes, that’s what we’re doing this afternoon!

It’s a great place and we are happy to have that, it’s on of the newest things to do in Tucson.

Do you have to know how to drive a car? I’m excited and scared at the same time :0

Apple Annie’s Orchard

Let’s talk about things to do! Today and tomorrow, if you need to get out of town, go to Apple Annie’s Orchards, which we love. If you go to SeeTucsonHomes.com and you click on the Things To Do Calendar and you’ll see Apple Annie’s is today and tomorrow and it’s that apple harvest  but they also have Asian Pears right now, which are awesome.

They have an incredible breakfast thing going on, so you get like these great pancakes with apple stuff on top, and
then they have a killer lunch deal where you get burgers with apple-smoked bacon or something. I’m making some of this up, probably. Go there this weekend, it’s a great place to take kids too and pick apples and Asian pears. We’ve been there and done that with our friends.

Apple Annie’s is a great place, it’s in Wilcox so it’s a nice little road trip to get out of town, a little mini vacation because it’s about an hour drive. You can pick your own apples and you can buy your own products right in their store. They have the most amazing apple dumpling; you buy them frozen with the sauce you take them home and bake them yourself; amazing. Grandma’s gonna be so jealous 🙂

We have to do a shout-out, Happy Birthday Tony Ray from Tom Heath. Thank you for the fashion advice, Tom 🙂

Let me remind you that if you have any questions about real estate, if you want to know right now please just type in and we are watching a screen so we can answer your questions if you have anything you are dying to know about
real estate that we can help you with. Which is why we are really here 🙂

Meet Me At Maynards and Crack Mac & Cheese

On Mondays; i want to remind you the weather is getting cooler and Meet Me at Maynard’s is the downtown walk that’s really cool. Meet Me At Maynard is about five thirty in the afternoon, you meet at Maynards and you can do the walk with everyone.

I think everyone needs to know that i just discovered this; over at Hi Fi they have crack mac and cheese, and I’m telling you it’s crazy.  I talked to the manager over there, CJ, shout-out to CJ, and he told me that it’s made with pepper jack cheese and… anyways, I’m not a mac and cheese fan but this is addicting. I’m addicted to this stuff. it’s got a jalapeno flavor, it’s got grilled chicken on top if you want, it’s delicious you have to go try it!

My thought is, do the walk, Meet Me at Maynards, Monday, go over to Hi Fi say “hi” to CJ, tell him we sent you, order all the crack mac and cheese you can get and carve out!

It’s worth the carbs 🙂

Sky Bar

Ths Monday at Meet Me at Maynards, then my next thing for this week is the Sky Bar. If you haven’t been there, it’s on Fourth Avenue and it’ss amazing, They have a big 32 inch telescope and they look at the stars and the universe. Maybe we can contemplate our place in the universe.

I have discovered they have jazz night there on Tuesday night. Here’s my thought on that one: If it was me, I would go over to the Mercado because Augustine’s kitchen at the Mercado is open Tuesday night for dinner. Go there five and say “hi” to Sally, have dinner there then jump the light rail and ride it to Fourth Avenue, have fun at the Sky Bar while your car is safe and parked over at Mercado. It’s easy access to the freeway and anywhere you need to go, then when you’re done at Sky Bar, go right back to Mercado on the light rail and you’re home! That’s my things to do
idea for this week!

Pathway To Purchase

Why dont we we talk about P2P a little bit. For the past several weeks, we’ve talked about this Pathway to
Purchase program, 48 million dollars for down payment assistance. This is the key to success right now: there’s only 48 million dollars left so call us and get into this P2P program!

The Pathway to Purchase program is good for first-time buyers and people who need a little bit of help with their down payment and or their closing costs. You can get up to twenty thousand dollars or ten percent of your down payment of your purchase price, it’s a great program; give us a call at (520) 631-8669 and we can tell you more
about it!

P2P is awesome and the program is going great. Here’s another thing about P2P, nobody knows for sure but they could change that P2P program a little bit, i was just talking to some folks and, in reality, the sellers in other areas that P2P is available are able to own another home. Our city is the one you cannot, so we had to do a little navigating to help a seller use P2P after they sell, but they’re looking at possibly changing that criteria since it’s not that way everywhere else. That’s what i heard; that’s just one thing. I also heard that they could possibly consider funding more to that program eventually, so who knows?

No guarantees and don’t forget you have to qualify like any time you want a loan, but P2P right now is about
half gone, so call us right now, seller or buyer, let us talk to you about how to help you with that.


So whats coming up? The last thing i want to talk about is that Halloween is gonna be here before you know it. You got September and October to get your costume together, so i want to recommend getting down there to Fourth Avenue now for this!

Tony Ray, Lucy Barraza, and Darren Jones Create Costumes for
We Love Creating A Scene Up as Alice in Wonderland for a Costume Ball

Darren and I got these costumes from the thrift stores, we picked up
the stuff from the thrift stores and we picked up the two crazy hats at the Gaslight Theater. This was a couple years ago in Bisbee. The girls got their outfits online, you can see ours are coming from thrift stores, i want to tell you there’s so much cool stuff down there on 4th Avenue.

It’s so fun if you get an idea and go down to Fourth Avenue, get down there and start shopping for your costume because it’s a blast! There are so many cool things and there’s a couple shops down there that have vintage and period clothing, especially Western, where you might want to be a Victorian showgirl 🙂

You know, from the Victorian period when the West was settled and they wore the can-can dresses and all that stuff.

Go have fun and I’m prompting you right now because I’m hoping that you throw a big Halloween Bash, and we would like to be on the guest list 🙂 Again (520) 631-8669 to call for anything real estate or to invite us to your Halloween party 🙂

Call Us Today or Visit SeeTucsonHomes.com

Please visit SeeTucsonHomes.com, that’s where you would you find out any information about Pathway to Purchase, on the very top of the page there’s a bunch of people with money falling around them, just click on that and it’ll give you all the criteria and what you need to know about Pathway to Purchase, and then we can help answer more questions after that, of course. Or call us directly to answer questions and, also on the SeeTucsonHomes.com website, there is a things to do calendar link on that and i’ll take you to over 6,000 events. We are loading that every week thanks to Terri, she’s awesome and she loads that calendar up.

That’s our show, have a great weekend!