Live Tucson Real Estate Update with Darren and Tony Ray – Episode 4

Happy Saturday! i’m Darren Jones with Tierra Antigua Realty and I’m Tony Ray Baker with the same company.Today, we’re going to talk about three steps to buying a home, Tony Ray is going to talk about no money down payment assistance programs, and I’m going to tell you a little bit later about some fun things to do this weekend and throughout the month in Tucson and the
surrounding areas, and stay tuned, Tony’s going to tell you about a really cool app you need to download.

Yeah, I’m excited about the app I cant wait to talk about it!

Three easy steps to buying a home:

One of the things that we keep running into is people are a little overwhelmed with the thought process of buying a home. Buying a house is it can seem overwhelming and we get that, so we want to tell you there’s really three easy steps to buying your home in Tucson; and I even wrote them down!

  1. Number one is hiring the right realtor.
  2. Number two is hire the right loan officer
  3. Number three is we go find you home.

We take care of everything for you so it really is easy. We are your guide to help walk you through the whole process. The key for you to making this happen is just making sure that you have
the right realtor, the right lender, and then everything else takes care of itself!

So how do you pick the right realtor?

Here’s what i would do; full-time only and I would definitely go for somebody who has at least 10 years experience and i’ll tell you why: If you read “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, he discusses the the 10,000 hour rule in any business or anything you do. It takes about ten thousand hours to master what you’re doing, so realtors, loan officers, anybody in any type of profession should really have 10,000 hours which equates to full-time about 10 years.

I would make sure that they are somebody that sells at least two homes a month. If they’re not selling homes atleast two homes a month then they’re not selling the average. You want somebody who has tons of experience and selling more than two homes month means dealing with a lot of contracts and negotiations.

If it were me hiring a Realtor in another city right now, I’d be asking them to give me clients that are happy to talk to me and and will tell me about their experience with you (the Realtor). That’s a big deal, and I think we don’t do that enough in any industry. We’re just as guilty… When someone refers us, do we go in and say give us some people to talk to? I would ask definitely ask if they have that. Last thing, I would say they have to answer all your phone calls and emails in a timely manner, and that would be within 24 hours. If it’s after five or six o’clock at night, expect them to call you back the next day.

Probably my biggest thing is i go by instinct, which is another book by a Malcolm Gladwell you want to read called “Blink”. You gotta be with this person, this Realtor, every day for a long time, shopping for houses and with them in negotiations. I would say, make sure you trust them, just trust your instincts. If you get along, if you can trust that they’re looking out for your best interests, that’s your Realtor.

How would you hire the right loan officer?

By the way, we’re going to refer to the right loan officer, but this loan officer should have four qualities.

You want to make sure that they they also have referrals that are willing to speak with you. Ten years of experience and also good licensure and education.

One of the things that you bring up there is licensing. I want to tell you: in the state of Arizona, loan officers are licensed. If you go to a bank that has tellers, they are probably not licensed and there’s probably a very limited portfolio, so we’re never going to send you to a bank with tellers as they’re not going to process that mortgage as smoothly. Maybe there’s a couple great loan officers at a bank but reality is we really want a loan officer who works all day, every day in the business doing loans. Their hands are pretty tied, they work for the bank and they’re going to give you a loan from the bank, they’re not going to shop for best interest rates. They have a limited portfolio they can only do so much. Many of them are not licensed and that’s not a good thing, so it’s very important.

But again, we’ll walk you through that step so really all you need to do is hire the right Realtor, then it;s all done. One step to buying a house!

Step 3: Find a House!

This should be the fun part, that’s why i say make sure you trust the Realtor, you’re gonna be in the car with us shopping for homes. I need to know what you want to talk about and what your reactions are to the homes we tour. I want to get to know you; your family, what your goals are, all of that helps me make sure I get you through the process and achieve your goals, not just getting that house. I think it’s really important, too, during that time period work with your Realtor and realizing you are a team together. The more you share, the better able to help you.

Absolutely! So there, it’s easy as 1-2-3, but it could be just one hire the right Realtor, I have the right loan officer and we’ll go shop for a home. All the rest we take care of. That’s the type of service you deserve and it’s easy to do, and right now they’re couldn’t be a better time to do it because still out there is P2P money. Show me the money!

Up to twenty thousand dollars is the PTP program, we have that on our website for you, go to At the top of the website, there’s this little group of people waving their hands and money is falling down, click on that!

One caveat: Over half of it is gone already, so get on the bandwagon and get your free money!

It’s easy to buy a house, and now’s the time not to miss out on the great program. Over half of the 48 million is gone, so people are taking advantage of it and they’re getting homes, proving that everyone else can do it, so can you! Perfect timing to grab a house! Call right now! if you don’t want to use the Pathway to Purchase program, there are other no money down programs, like VA and USDA. Those programs are still no money down programs and there’s also other down payment assistance programs that we haven’t even highlighted yet that are out there, as well. Great loan officer has all of this information for you.
If you have questions we can talk to us live or, if you want to talk to us you can always call 520.631.869 or send me an email through the website,, or fill out our contact forms. All kinds of ways to find us 🙂

What’s Happening in MOCA?

MOCA is the Museum of Contemporary Art. The Museum of Contemporary Art has really awesome programs like yoga and things like that going on throughout the year and membership is so
inexpensive, and i have to tell you that a membership is less than 100 buck and it’s worth it! It’s worth the money and it’s great cause. If you’re not familiar with MOCA in Tucson, there’s lots of international recognition for this little contemporary museum right here in Tucson, Arizona. These guys have done a great job in catapulting the status of our museum. The people running MOCA are an amazing group of people, we should have them all in here to meet you.

MOCA has art classes coming up for kids 9 – 13, it is free! There’s a September, October, November schedule, they go after school around four to six pm and it’s awesome. Sculpture, painting, drawing I mean, seriously, i was thinking abouthow do I get in?!

Downtown Tucson HoCoFest is Going On!

Started yesterday, it’s goes through Monday at the Hotel Congress. They’ve got 40 bands, they’ve got a fashion show, solar powered entertainment venues, vendors and so much more! Starts at six o’clock and it’s going on tonight, tomorrow and Monday.

It’s also time to go out to Apple Annie’s out in Wilcox!

They’re having free wagon rides, all you can eat pancake breakfast from 730 AM-10:30AM, apple-smoked burger lunch from 11:30 – 3:00PM. Right now they’re having asian pears, there could be some peaches left 🙂 There’s homemade pies from the country store, apple picking, they are gonna have their big craft fair September 18 the 19 and crafters from all over Arizona.

Also, check out the 101st Sonoita Labor Day Rodeo!

It’s been dubbed as the best little rodeo Arizona with over 700 entries and forty thousand dollars in cash prizes. There’s steak fry, a free dance on Saturday and Sunday after the rodeo and they have barrel racing, wild horse races, team roping, mutton busting and junior events.

If you’re gonna go down to Sonoita for a day trip, that’s Patagonia Like right there. Oh yeah, that’s a great place for a picnic at the lake. Also right around there is Sonoita Wineries, too, but i don’t suggest that unless you have a driver. Patagonia Lake is about a 45 minute drive from Tucson but Parker Canyon Lake is right around the curve there, too, so you could be to both of those within an hour and you can do the Rodeo, the Lakes the Winery; there’s a lot of fun in that area!

Tech Tip of the Week

I’m going to try to start bringing my favorite cool techie tips and my favorite apps. Google Photos! I didn’t think about it because I have plenty of storage but here’s the thing that I keep running
into; I have 10,000 photos on my phone. We took a trip to Italy and got 8,000 photos on my phone in one shot. So I want to search something, I want to find a dog picture I have to search through thousands of photos. So you’re going to scroll through the photos and try to find the ones you’re looking for, or you go to your desktop and then you try to find him there.

Google Photos, you click a button, it automatically loads everything off your phone right into Google Photos and it’s free! They give you free space for as many photos as you want, High Quality, but here’s the cool part; Google photos actually lets you type in the word “dog”, for example, and every photo in my 10,000 photos with the dogs in it popped up in front of me! Google Rocks! Anything they do, you know it’s free and it’s always amazing, and that technology will get better, so searching your photos i think will become even easier. You can create albums, they pop up on your phone simply and quickly, it’s so amazing!
It’s a holiday weekend, we hope you have some fun! Don’t forget to call us 520.631.8669 or visit us at!