Give A Little Back in Downtown Tucson with Darren and Tony Ray

Let’s walk over here because I want to show you this really cool thing at the library that just was installed by the city and downtown merchants council has worked really hard on this with the city to get this done and it’s a new program coming up but while we are walking there’s their new federal courthouse is right over here and you have to look at this because they put that acrylic glass on the building and I’m hoping that the camera will pick up the sparkling beautiful glass because dichroic glass is wicked to play with and it makes beautiful stuff but this piece is huge well I guess it’s panels we’re looking but it looks like it’s panels so check this out by the way while we’re talking on our way over here to see this please remember to like us and share us on Facebook and if you want to comment or talk to us please do we’d love to say hi and we’re waiting for Dennis from Seattle where are you the Dennis probably abandoned us because we haven’t been here for a couple weeks this is cool visual okay so this is a beautiful new meter and it I don’t know all of the exact on this but this meter is one of several they’ll be like six meters in town and they are the same meters that you get to use for parking out on the streets they take credit cards or change and the program you can stop by any of these blue meters and put in your spare change or use your credit card and donate money and it actually helps the homeless program here in Tucson Arizona and it’s a yeah it’s really cool well what I know how does it work Thank You Vera what I know is is that it actually helps feed them and clothe them and get them a money buy a new work program where they pay them an hourly wage to work if they want to during the day they can volunteer to work and they don’t have to pay taxes on the money and it’s a really cool program and these things with your help in your kindness and your generosity these are probably going to bring 20 to 30,000 expected monies into these programs to help these folks every year so if you’re near downtown if you’re in the area and you run into a blue meter please dig deep into your pockets get rid of the change or give your credit card and give them some money every penny counts and that’s what these are here for and I’m really excited that they did this down on homelessness yes and feed the hungry in our community provide jobs and training and provide clothing and essential water and food I mean we’re we have to just be so thankful in our lives for everything we have and this this is one great way we can give back so please notice the light blue and well they’re kind of blue green they’re cool meters right cool you want to stay here let’s stay here and talk about what’s coming around Tucson for fun things to do okay yeah is that noise going to drive you crazy James absolutely we could back up a little bit right come this way and then we won’t have a drive James in our shadows okay okay it’s all about the lighting do I look good do I look 20 years younger that’s Bob um we do have a so the cuesta house which is the brand new construction that we have shown a couple times has gone into escrow before we even finished it so we are going to premiere it next week to let everybody see it because it’s a really wicked house and the Builder architect the architect is designing a second one already for the fall and we want you to know about that so we’re going to show you what he did on the first one and we also have another one from a different builder coming up we’re going to lift it soon but if you wanted to know or get in the mill on it you have very close to downtown and I’m Ricardo I’m super excited about that one do but if they want to know about it you can call us and we can talk to you about it first before it’s in the middle of construction and it’s going to be like 1,600 square foot three-bedroom two-bath with high ceilings and so we’re gonna talk about we’re going to show you that one too soon but if you want to know in advance about it we can sell it prior right okay and then James you can I help you we’re having complications James is all tied up okay well it sucked so speeding I think I can see the vu anymore Susan case over back yeah to report on home Facebook right you know right to the website of course any of the events on box there under this right here singles was great yeah don’t excellent Cosme you can go to our context and then you can camp out certificate to family goes no item Rica website is on ours please just go to sounds you click there but the camping of the stars they cannot allow you to take attention and clearly and then everybody working together considered great degree numbers then they show the movie around suicide as a niche not to read are counter-productive and then they should make a movie every to watch the movie outside and they have a vendor that actually has a gum movie stuff like popcorn and you see lights crowd around 11:00 it’s a good week makes me me mmmmmm morrow morning on Sunday you have to practically strep and you’re out by noon vendor like this morning maybe I’m a coffee flavor anytime yes do you think we have a proper Aries go away involved and that’s down here is on peaceful marchers companies public are raised the flash is names it is a building and they will do a pop-up market today and I believe it starts at 9:00 and goes to force you know if nine points only today and if the whole concept of local goods for sale there’s a flower shop some coffee shops gathering space because music pop ups entire market well be the boy hooking up on today’s calendar date and flash and if you get to go we are working today we see this most likely but if you get so could you please come back to this print tell me what it looks like and take pictures and put them on a thread for me I guess because I love what they did I think it’s a really I would say hi to Kenny Parker and thank you for the like see this gave us a bunch of life yeah so there’s also music music yeah and that is the end small from 12 8 so if we’re going to go to the flash pop-up market you want to do the more anything tonight you could go to the cavity anyone okay sister I had not been to that one but I put them on right on so I can live through you know by traders because everybody else is Buster part of on this next week May 25th through the 28th I found some stocking – on our calendars yeah on the 25th you can do go ahead show them your air guitar I’m mr. Matano so yeah so that’ll be a nice place so it’s about the nights right now amazing we never talked about the weather so really nice then there’s also about the jazz concert series is starts around 7:30 I believe and you’ll work it up on our site of course at silk’n soul is playing tonight and don’t forget we you down there the and aligned you that 2014 could ride a night jazz concert Makani condom if you are taking the alcohol beverages like highly recommend to operations it’s a little cute lights please right next to there and get the best margarita the relax products father – also next week starts up with a father who we want in case you here I need a place to go where no one will go just waiting for it right because I’ll have to do it mm-hmm then there’s another interesting show coming up Robin I do finally say no I don’t know much about this so look at our website it’ll it’ll give all the bloggers apparently is to rename I do not see but it has been doing it for years so if you’ve gone there you know what it is again if you go on this thread which is vendor see on Facebook if they do we were there you weren’t or whatever but I would like to see what this yes one Lennie wonderful which is right here a down Tony right there so they are going right yeah they just pretend you can see that oh yeah so that’s really wicked cool i I guess it’s like 90 music where everybody trusted what I like to see I hope no I think everybody out wearing black no gasa grunts uh I feel like I’m still right mm-hmm hey we’re almost a saint and we’re going to try to go live a little more now on other days excited houses under 250 have been developing so quickly that we’ve seen and get you video feed because they sell before leaving it out and so we’re going to try another route to get in before they go on the market you can get the video on these headers and so we have by the way the insight on three or four brand new homes we have all the maps and plans by the way of it means volunteer so we’d love to sit down with you at the office please not to show you all the fun stuff yeah and then I know I don’t have a test because I’ve been out in a crowd no I’m good whatever go with you buddy banter right in front of the library yeah oh my gosh is the flower by the way you can plant these in your near a baker’s as a tactic we can close anything please post like share call it alone and I wanted to picture if you go mmm bye everyone 520-631-8669 bye bye thanks a lot everyone