Tony Ray and Darren Understood What We Were Looking For and What Things Were Important to Us

Okay. Hey, Steve. So do you want to tell us a little about the purchase of your house with Tony and Darren?

Yeah, maybe let me start first with how we came in contact with Tony and Darren. I was sitting in Chicago thinking about how we were going to get a REALTOR in Tucson. I started looking online, and I saw Tony’s picture with the lizard on his head, and I found that to be intriguing. So I gave him a call, and we just kind of clicked when we, when we talked on the phone, He seemed to understand what we were looking for. We’ve been looking in another city with another realtor, and really never was able to, The realtor wasn’t able to connect with us. He wasn’t able to really determine what we were looking for. And Tony and Darren really, really could understand what our, what our interests were, what we were looking for and what things were important to us.

If you had to tell a friend about Tony and Darren, what were you kind of tell a friend about?

Well, I’d say that they’re really nice guys. They’re very professional. They were very helpful. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted. And I’ve done a lot of research about Tucson, but they added a lot of which I say, color around what we were looking for and helped us really decide on what it was that we were looking for, sny areas that we were looking at where we want to live.

Okay, Perfect. Thank you. Steve, I appreciate very much. Thanks.