Tony Ray and Darren Go Beyond The Expectations of a REALTOR

Hey, David. So I want to learn a little bit about the experience of when you bought or sold a house with Tony Ray. Can you let the customers know a little bit about kind of like that process?

Yeah. So when I moved here from Texas about a year ago, I only had about a month and a half before I had a purchase my house, when I only accepted my offer letter, so I was under a time constraint. Tony and Darren were recommended to me by a friend of mine. And I called Tony. And I’m very, Very straightforward Told him that I needed a house immediately, And his reaction was a chuckle, because…

So actually, before I started working with daring and Tony, I was working with two previous agents, and they didn’t really understand my needs. I have requirements, and they were not really fulfilling them. And then, like I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t under a time constraint. So I contacted Tony and Darren and the first week and I talked to them, we had an actual sit down where they understood all my requirements that I needed. And from then on, they started sending me listings that fell within the bounds that I provided to them. So they made it very easy. They understood exactly what I needed, and they made the process very fun. Even though it is very hard to make your first home purchase exciting. They made it very fun for me. And that’s one of the main reasons that we still…

Okay, if you couldn’t like some up Tony, and maybe one word that kind of like falls into Into maybe what he would be like if you, that’s a terrible question. I don’t even know We’re trying to get to it That one, if you could maybe some up Tony, and maybe one word of like, kind of his work ethic. What would it be?

He cares. He very much cares. They go, him and Darren, go beyond the expectations of a realtor. They actually become your friend. They get to know you in a personal level. And that is very important when you’re actually finding a house that you live in for a couple years. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s a very unique quality.

Okay. And is there anything else that you would say if you were talking to a friend someone that would be like talking like, let’s say you have a friend that’s moving to Tucson. What would you tell that friend?

Well, I highly recommend Darren and Tony everywhere I go, every friend, every personal friend, or any colleague for that matter that are looking for a house that currently have an agent.

I always recommend them to Tony and Darren, because I know that I have very high expectations, and they definitely met those. And I always tell people that they should make sure that they get along with their agent, and that they, that their agent knows their requirements. And I think Tony and Darren definitely did that, and then went above and beyond the regular expectations of the realtor. Okay, Perfect David, I appreciate it. And thank you very much for your time. And thank you.