They really went above and beyond what most REALTORs would do

Do you want to introduce yourself a little bit? And kind of tell the camera about who you are?

My name is Chris, and I’m originally from New York. And my wife and I decided to move to Tucson on a referral from friends. So we checked it out. And Darren and Tony Ray were absolutely fantastic. They helped us with every step of the way. And they showed us they gave us a tour of Tucson. So we could kind of figure out what areas that we wanted to move in. So we told them what we wanted. And they actually, when we were in New York, we saw a house that we liked, and they videotaped it for us. So they really went above and beyond what most Realtors would do. So because of them, we decided that we were going to stay in. We were going to move to Tucson, and we chose a place in Oro Valley. So Darren worked diligently. And Tony Ray helped us every step to get our home and at a reasonable price. And now we’re here for months, and we cannot be happier.

So if I could say something to you as a cynical New Yorker, these guys were open, honest, genuine, friendly, kind, and they were very informative. And because of them, we have a network of friends and family that that we feel very comfortable with, that I wouldn’t change anything. And I would really highly recommend that.

That’s amazing. Thank you very much.