Chris and Lissa Wallace

Chris and Lissa Wallace Testimonial (Transcribed)

Chris Wallace: We went out looking at houses on a Sunday and had a blast! I’ve gone looking at houses before and it can be a lengthy, frustrating process, and that wasn’t the case. So, he (Tony Ray Baker) had a lot to do with it. It’s almost sad that it’s over so quick because he’s fun to hang out with.

Tony Ray Baker: It’s another miracle. And I’m gonna hit done and it’s going to have the whole house floor plan for you.

Chris: Really?

Tony Ray: I know! This will be great for you guys to buy furniture.

Chris: We called him just to kind of talk about houses and in less than a week we were looking at houses and then we put an offer in that same weekend! This whole thing came together in 30-45 days, I’m mean, it’s just, a lot faster than expected, which was awesome!