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Darren Jones: I’m here with Mac. He is the owner of Zona Concrete. So Mac, why don’t you tell us how did you get into concrete? 

Mac Hicks: Actually, I was born in the trade working for my grandfather in the Summers. You know, when I was in high school I started when I was 14 is a labor for him and all my family. It was a family business. So I grew up in the family business almost 30 years ago. So 29 years ago, and so I’m gonna lie Licensed contractor. I’ve been in business for 10 years for myself and third-generation concrete contractor. It is my passion. It’s my art Outlet. You know, I always tell my clients. 

Mac Hicks: This is my art Outlet. I can’t sing a song or draw a picture or play an instrument. But this artistic side of the concrete is is my passion and it’s my art Outlet very passionate and I love my love my career.

Darren Jones: That’s great. Now you’ve been here today and you’ve laid a couple of pads out start to finish and I notice you guys, your whole team, you’ve been like pretty meticulous about making sure everything is just right won’t you tell me a little bit about that process? 

Mac Hicks: Correct, so we really focus on on the details and that’s what separates that’s our competitive advantage against everyone else in town. As far as the concrete contractor goes. We really pay attention to all the little details and that really adds up in the end to being phenomenal product and happy clients and going from there. 

Mac Hicks: That’s great. I know that we had the big pad poured a little while ago a few months ago and we have you back for in these other two pads and the Finish is absolutely beautiful. And this is I think we call it a sanded finish?

Mac Hicks: Sand finish. Yes. We have a bunch of different architectural finishes that we offer it on the concrete and one being this sand finish. Its it looks elegant. And it’s got a good texture on it. And it’s really popular in most most of my clients really like this finish.

Darren Jones: Well, that’s great. I think we’ve really enjoyed working with you and we found by your professionalism and start to finish. Everything has been just really great. I think you very much. Thank you for sharing really appreciate it. 

Mac Hicks: Absolutely.