Lavish Metal Works

Phone: (520) 474-1169
Address: 3114 E District St, Tucson, AZ 85714

Tony Ray Baker: Wes, please tell us how long you’ve been doing this?

Wes Boswood: Since I was 18, so that would be 12 years, now.

Tony Ray Baker: How did you get into welding? What inspired you? What was the push?

Wes Boswood: My Dad. He’s been doing ironworks his entire life.

Tony Ray Baker: You just knew it was destiny. You loved it?

Wes Boswood: I hated it at first! Then I got into the “artsy” part of it and I really enjoy that.

Tony Ray Baker: So how did you get into gates, versus something else?

Wes Boswood: My Dad did structural steel and I just felt it was boring, because it was so repetitive. I just started taking on the art side of it. I took a liking to it right away.

Tony Ray Baker: Do you do other things besides gates? I dying to have you do a mailbox!

Wes Boswood: Yeah. I do mailboxes, patio coverings, etc

Tony Ray Baker: Well, we want you to do a mailbox to match these beautiful gates. Absolutely. If I send somebody to you, and they tell you that Tony Ray referred you, would you take good care of them?

Wes Boswood: Absolutely. Just have them call my number and tell me that it was a Tony Ray referral.