Seasoned Woman

Hi there. I’m Tony Ray Baker with Remax Select, and I’m super excited to show you one of our absolute favorite local boutiques today. It’s called Seasoned Woman. It’s a secret that Darren and I’ve been holding on to for many years. Every time we need a really great gift for a woman in our lives, we come here, and it always goes over really, really well. So we’re going to go into the store and introduce you to the owner, and some of the people that work there and show you some of the fun stuff you can come here and check it out!
Okay, so now we got inside the store at season women, and I’m super excited to introduce to you the owner, Joan.

This is Darren, we all know Darren

Leah and Charissa

And this has been our secret place, and we’re letting it go. Now I’m gonna have a nervous breakdown, but all the ladies in our lives, if we need a gift, we come here. You three always helped us every single time. It’s amazing. Either our magical, yeah, they’re magic elves, they make suggestions. We give them ideas, and we always end up like award-winning gifts. It’s amazing know everybody was just always so excited about the gifts we have. So it’s so cool. And we’re so happy to highlight you guys. What made you do this? John, like you? Just how did this happen?

It was a dream of mine since I was 16…

So and then so do stuff, or do you pick everything else, has all the magic goal that’s really evolve make it happen with me, and we have a lot of fun doing it. The I love this special touches to like they wrap the gifts for you and make sure the tags are removed and suggest a card. And there’s there’s those little special that you can’t get off of, you know, UPS Store, delivering studs. Are you nothing against UPS or Amazon or that? But the reality is, this is really focused on client touch. And that’s what’s missing in our lives. Why we really want to be here with you guys, because it has changed our life we’ve done. And I always know, whenever there’s a gift, we come running over here. Yeah, even a little needs ammo. We ended up those little, uh, Little Bootsy.

Diana Medeiros is more for cutting board. We’ve also got things from Susan Libby, and they’re both here in Tucson. We have this brand new that is really cutting board. They suggest using this side. Yeah, yes, even scratch up the fun step. Try to support local as much as possible. What are those little magnetic puzzles? Little magnetic puzzle in the state of Arizona? That is so cute. Yeah, little napkins. Lots of stuff with little Cactus. There’s really cool wine glasses.

That’s Perfect. Awesome. Okay, so we have to say goodbye. We love you guys. And thank you for all the years you’ve given to us. And we’re super excited to release our secret. I really did not do this for the women of the world of Tucson. I did it for the dudes guys. You need to know about this store. You will be. I mean, like, you can’t lose just if you need a gift for a woman, come here. This is like the best place for men to shop. It’s a no-brainer. So this is for you guys.

These three ladies will really help you tell them a little bit about the person that you’re buying for and what the occasion is, and they’ll find you something. Yeah, that is why Arizona’s star they were voted the best gift shop in Arizona for 2020 and for 2021. So big Kudos graduate guy. So our goal right now is to fill this shop with dudes. I’m Tony Ray. That’s Darren Jones. Remax Select. Thank you guys. So much for watching.