Petroglyphs – Darren Interviews Jose Jimenez

Darren Jones: Good morning, Tucson. I’m Darren Jones with the Tony Ray Baker group, and today, we’re here at the MSA Annex in Tucson, Arizona. Today, we’re visiting with Jose Jimenez owner of Petroglyphs. Very interesting shop here at the annex. So good morning.

Jose Jimenez: Good morning.

Darren: It’s great for you to have us here today. So I have a couple questions for you. I was wondering what do you recommend. I mean there are so many beautiful things in your shop, but what is your favorite?

Jose: Oh my goodness. Well, they’re all my favorite because mostly I chose them. But I would say if I had to take something home today, I love these copper frogs by Christopher Todd. There’s a lot of talent displayed in that. And they have personality of their own.

Darren: They’re fantastic and they’re so big. I want them in my garden. But, this is not your first location, you came from?

Jose: I came from the Lost Barrio. Well, I originally started the store on Grant Road in 1999, I eventually made my way to the Lost Barrio. I don’t even know how much time I spent there, but the bulk of the business which has been a little over 20 years, was at Lost Barrio up until recently.

Darren: Oh wow, and how long have you been here?

Jose: I have been here since the day after Thanksgiving of 2019. That’s what I remember. So much has happened since Covid. And what have you but…

Darren: Now, you’re also getting ready to relocate again.

Jose: Yes. Close by. Yes. So we are currently in the Mercado District, I’m located at the MSA Annex and the Mercado district is about to launch a brand new project, which is called Monier. It’s a four-story apartment building, 122 units will be available, but the bottom floor will be retail and services and I get to move into a brand-new building.

Darren: Now it’s fantastic. We’re really looking forward to that. But now, how did you get into your specialty? Because it’s such a unique shop.

Jose: I, you know, strange story, but I know one thing led to the other. I was in a car accident which changed my life. And, because I had nothing better to do at that time, I fell into business with a friend of mine and I have just been kind of inventing and reinventing what you see here today. Mostly I didn’t know, and I still don’t know anything, about retail generally speaking. So I make it up as I go along I like stuff.

Darren: But you do all your own buying.

Jose: Yes.

Darren: Okay so it’s a very unique is very personal to you.

Jose: Yeah it is. It is, I fell in love with it as a person with the business itself, even now quite some time into it I enjoy every single day that I show up and I show up almost all those days.

Darren: That’s great. Right. Because even though it’s an eclectic shop and there are lots of different genres, there is a cohesiveness here which I think is probably your personality. Because so many people, every time we come, so many people are here saying hello and stopping in to just see you.

Jose: Yes. One of the things that I enjoy, I grew up in Tucson, not a native, but I consider myself one and to this day, love this city. So if there is a theme, it’s that I try to create the ambiance, of what I feel Tucson is. All the multiculturalism, all the different types types of people, as I observe it, of course. And so, I tried to create a space that when people walk in, they feel like this is Tucson.

Darren: Well, I think they really do. Culturally, it is such a mixed bag and it’s such a beautiful shop and we wish you great luck and your new location. Anyone is over by the MSA Annex, please stop by Petroglyphs and come in and say hello to Jose.