Iron John’s Brewing Company

Phone: (520) 232-2080
Address: 555 E 18th St, Tucson, AZ 85701
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Grain, malt, all that gets ground up and put through the top of here. We still have to set up our auger. And then it’s basically in here is like a false bottom kind, like a tea thing. So as the mash forms and creates a bed, basically in the water forms through it. And that’s where all the flavor comes. And then we use a pump and pump it back over itself to get the most flavor. And once that’s that process has happened, normally takes about 45 minutes. And we transfer it into the kettle, where we use a pump, pump it in, and it gets put in there for about an hour. We’ll cook. It will boil, basically, until we get it to the point that we’re looking for to take some measurements, make sure everything’s good, and he gets pumped through what’s called a heat exchanger, which is this piece right here, which cools the boiling beer using glycol and cold water to about 70 degrees, which then makes it safe to transfer into the fermenters.
The fermenters each have a jacket around the outside that runs off a glycol loop, so cold glycol at about 28 degrees is flowing whenever it needs it, using control module. And we, depending on the style of beer, like it’s like a Ale, it’s going to be warmer. So probably stay in like this 65 – 68 range for a couple weeks until it’s fermented. And like colder beers, like loggers and pilsners, they take longer to ferment at a 30 to 32 Degree range. So basically, what’s coming down All the time is the same temperature, but each tank has its own control. So we can do several different styles all at once.
And then the final process is it goes in the two end tanks, which are bright tanks. And those are where they get the finishing carbonation. So we put CO2 in there up to 15 psi. And it basically gives the beer its carbonation. And then from there, we go to either kegs, through a filter into kegs or directly into canning line that we just purchased. And that, and then that’s the final packaging.