Things To Do After You Buy A House And Before You Move In

Change the Locks

As soon as you close and get the keys to the house go to a home improvement store and buy a new lock. the directions are easy to follow and you could install them yourself. If this seems overwhelming a locksmith can also install new locks for you. Did you know that the technology for locks has advanced and if you want you could even install a blue-tooth door lock that could be accessed by a numeric key code to make entry easy for service people and guests. They have ones that have numeric pin codes that are physical buttons and they also have ones that are controlled via smart-phone app. There are lots of neat options available to make your life easier and safer.

Clean Everything

Detail the house before you move in. Chances are lots of traffic has been through the home while it was sitting on the market and dust bunnies could be lurking. Do it yourself or pay a professional cleaning company.

Change Your Address

Submit a change of address form to the post office. Then call every company you work with and give them your updated address — The change of address forms at the post office only last for so long. Also don’t forget to contact the DMV right away to change the address on your ID.

Set Your New Mailbox Up

If you have a keyed mailbox, ask your postman to change the lock to your mailbox so you have the only key. If you do not have a lock, make sure your name is labeled on the mailbox so you get all of your mail.


If you can, paint now before you unpack everything. It’ll make things so much easier.

Window Treatments

If the house doesn’t already have window treatments, you’ll want to get those right away. If you are going to order them through a company this process could take weeks to complete and you’ll definitely want your privacy as you move in and unpack. If you live in Tucson, we recommend our friend, Del at The Window Covering Company.


I’ve got lots of good unpacking tips. First invite your friends and family over for an unpacking party. Order pizza!

Designate two piles called throw away and donate to make sure you start out with a clutter-free home.

Have a pen and paper handy so you can create a running list of the new things you’ll need. Moving can be a lot to keep track of. Having your ideas off your mind but still handy is key.

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