A Little More Green

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I remember when the word green was associated with new. I would never have advertised that I was a green real estate agent, although back in 1994, I was very green. Green also meant money. More green in your pocket was a good thing.

Now green is the new catch phrase for anything to do with better living, saving the planet, saving water, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, well, you get the picture. Most companies and a lot of people are going green. So what does it all mean?

I think it’s all about shades of green and probably everyone has some reason to become more green. Maybe you want to save money or stop wasting money or just make some more green. It’s also possible that you want a greener lifestyle, a healthier environment for you and your family. Or, you may want to be more green because it’s the right thing to do for humanity and mother earth.

Whatever your reason, congratulations, just being aware means you’re already a new shade of green. And it’s not hard to do, in fact, it’s really easy and I plan to help you.

Over the last year I have been studying to earn a new real estate designation. It’s called EcoBroker (the logo is at the bottom of the first page). In January of 2009, I finished my EcoBroker classes and earned my designation. I have also just completed the courses to achieve my NAR Green designation. I am expecting certification in Febuary.

Does this mean I only work with green homes or green people? LOL, no, not at all. Like you, it means that I too am a little more green. So, as I get information that may help you save money, or the planet or make your quality of life a little better, I’ll let you know on my blog. And I ask that if you have information, send it to me so it can be shared. Together, we can be a little more green.

Tony Ray Baker

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